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Well, hasn't been a good George Harrison thread for a while, so I will do it.

By the mid 70s George had moved from his heavy Krishna phase to his Monty Python phase- -he knew the guys and for his 33 1/3 album put out a number of self-made lighthearted, goofball vidoes very much in the Python style and some of them were included in these.

I had seen the Crackerbox Palace vid

But not the True Love vid -- always liked this cut with righteous slide guitar and I think w/ Billy Preston on Hammond and electric piano.

Hard to believe these are 40 years old now.


Here is another Harrison video in the same crazy style. This one, for "This Song", is a parody upon the court finding that, when writing "My Sweet Lord", Harrison had plagiarized the Chiffons' song, "He's So Fine."

Another video of his that I loved, but which was not crazy, is for his song, "This Is Love." Again, very tasty slide work. His slide work sometimes sounds to me almost as if he is using a wah-pedal with it. When he plays a sustained single note, the tone can change from a closed tone to a very broad and open one. Listen at 2:05. It could be simply his slight movement of the slide on the string that creates the tonal change, but you can also hear a more close-throated tone at other times during the solo. In any event, a great song and wonderful performance.

Has there been anyone else in rock music who has been remembered so distinctly for their slide work? I suppose that Duane Allman and Ry Cooder come to mind immediately. But, certainly the almost perfect intonation of Harrison's playing, along with the incredibly sweet tone that he managed to create, makes him stand apart from all of the rest, in my mind.


Duane Allman will always be known for the sourest slide not in history at the end of Layla. Why they didn't "fix it in the mix" is beyond me. George always was a tasty player---the right note at the right time.


I love that "This Song" video. "Crackerbox Palace" too. I remember seeing it on SNL back in the day (I think).

Another distinctive slide player: Derek Trucks. You can tell it's him right away.


I hope we aren't limited to your time frame. Here's one of my most favorites:


The Allman slide and Harrison slide both arrived on the scene about the same year, 1970. Allman while always innovative was pretty much around blues and blues scale. Harrison was major scale, lyrical, and not blues scale (except the song Cloud Nine). He had these very precise double and even triple tracked solos that were very imaginative... someone, I forget who, it might have been John Hiatt, said George had an 'orchestral' approach to slide;.


What I like about the This is Love vid is there are just a few shots of his little Rick that that had been changed to 2 pickups.So this was 1987 so he still had it then And he also pulled out the Rick 12 for this recording.


He used his 360/12 in this too,notice the trapeze tail is the wrong way round!

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