Filter’tron humbucker mount ?


Hello there !

I'm searching for a Filter'tron kind of pickup, cheapest possible (Not Chinese crap though.), but more importantly the humbucker mount ! I'd like to put the pickup in a hum cavity.

After many types of researches, I found out that TV Jones was making these, called 'universal Mount' I think. But I can't find them online anymore.

So the best bet so far is a Creamery Black Cat in PAF size, but it's kinda expensive for me : around 100£. But great pickups.

So the question is, is it possible to find a humbucker mount these days ? Or a cheap Filter'tron hum sized ?

Thanks a lot ! :)


I've never played a humbuckers sized Filtertron that sounded any good. Call TV Jones. You can buy them directly from him.


If you want to use a regular Gretsch Filtertron I make adapters so you can mount them in a humbucker bezel.

English Mount Adapter

Otherwise, TV Jones aren't the cheapest, but they are the best.


The options for a drop in PAF sized Filter'Tron I can find include TV Jones, Lollar, Creamery and Seymour Duncan. There may be other players in this market. Given past experience with TV Jones product and his expertise in this area, I'd have to recommend his product.


Good thing I ask you guys here !

Thanks for your help. First I didn't know PAF sized FT sounded bad, or not as good as the original... And I didn't see TV Jones sold mount with the pickups

Ripley > How much is it for just one mount please ?

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