Filister heads


Some time ago I installed some TV Jones Classics in a solid body Cabronita style guitar.Instead of routing the guitar to fit them, I cut about 1/4inch off the screws.I want to restore them back to original but TV Jones won’t sell them separately but will replace them if I send the pickups back. That will likely cost more than 50.00 with shipping and Canadian exchange. I was hoping for a more inexpensive option. Any place to get these screws?Is it even worth the bother?


If they're the same as Filtertron screws, they're all over the internet.


If they're the same as Filtertron screws, they're all over the internet.

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I've been wrong once or twice before, but I'd be shocked if that wasn't the case.

All three finishes are here: http://www.guitarpartsresou...


Thanks! I forgot about them. I have gotten many bits there before.


Is that the site that used to be "partsisparts.com?"


Nope, it’s a different company.


Service Supply Co. in boxes of 50 or 100. McMaster-Carr might be another bulk source.

Look at Ace Hardware as well---the only place I know of where you can buy just one screw.


Hardware is getting hard to find locally. My local Ace particularly sucks. They have neither straight nor phillips head anymore...only hybrid...and I don't have a flat/phillips screwdriver. BTW...in old books, fillister were also called cheese head. I'm guessing you won't be able to find chrome or nickel; only "bright."


Make sure they're not stainless.


Yeah, I can get MILLIONS locally in stainless! Not really any hardware suppliers here locally are any good other than a place called Pacific Fasteners which specializes in stainless.


That's awesome! Cheap too!


I get all my stuff from Philly Luthier. I was ordering some pots, jacks, etc. and I thought...wait a second...they sell pickup building stuff... Great little company, BTW. Tell 'em Charlie sent ya ;)

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