Filister heads


Some time ago I installed some TV Jones Classics in a solid body Cabronita style guitar.Instead of routing the guitar to fit them, I cut about 1/4inch off the screws.I want to restore them back to original but TV Jones won’t sell them separately but will replace them if I send the pickups back. That will likely cost more than 50.00 with shipping and Canadian exchange. I was hoping for a more inexpensive option. Any place to get these screws?Is it even worth the bother?


If they're the same as Filtertron screws, they're all over the internet.

– Jonathan A. Sipes......maker of aluminum dust.

I've been wrong once or twice before, but I'd be shocked if that wasn't the case.

All three finishes are here: http://www.guitarpartsresou...


Thanks! I forgot about them. I have gotten many bits there before.


Is that the site that used to be "partsisparts.com?"


Nope, it’s a different company.


Service Supply Co. in boxes of 50 or 100. McMaster-Carr might be another bulk source.

Look at Ace Hardware as well---the only place I know of where you can buy just one screw.


Hardware is getting hard to find locally. My local Ace particularly sucks. They have neither straight nor phillips head anymore...only hybrid...and I don't have a flat/phillips screwdriver. BTW...in old books, fillister were also called cheese head. I'm guessing you won't be able to find chrome or nickel; only "bright."


Yeah, I can get MILLIONS locally in stainless! Not really any hardware suppliers here locally are any good other than a place called Pacific Fasteners which specializes in stainless.


That's awesome! Cheap too!


I get all my stuff from Philly Luthier. I was ordering some pots, jacks, etc. and I thought...wait a second...they sell pickup building stuff... Great little company, BTW. Tell 'em Charlie sent ya ;)

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