Gretsch Garage Sale

SOLD $1100 mid 60’s Gretsch Cat’s Eye…. completely restored Kille…


The year is 1992 you see some tool at an open mic playing a walnut stained Gretsch with a Lace Sensor Strat pickup in it (!)... Still has the Bigsby? Check. Nexk is not falling off? Check but then you see it does not have F-holes... What the Heck?? Have some more beer and try not to be traumatized by it.

Fast forward two weeks.. Walk into a pawn shop in Philly and there it is.. Bigsby? Check. Strat pickup thankfully gone. No knobs no electronics of any sort. Just wierd Cats eye hole and a Bigsby. $100 the guy says. SOLD. I give it to Tim Huenke in Philly and fantastic but notably crazy and SLLOOOOOWWWW dude who spends the next 3 years restoring it. It has a vintage Bigsby Bridge a set of Early 60's Filter'Trons period correct Gretsch bigsby, New Frets, New Binding, Keystone Tuners (it's what I had laying around) Plays and sounds and Looks amazing. Bamboo Yellow top and Copper Mist back and sides plus fantastic Flames. A Rockabilly Mo'Chine

The kid is not for sale. I will let the Guitar go for $1100 plus Shipping. International guys PM me


What model is this (the guitar)? It looks so thin (the guitar, again).


I want...can't have...but I want.

How about swapping for a 400JV and a box of salt water taffy?


Is that Aidan, Billy? If so, he has certainly stretched out a bit.


No that's Little Billy my older son. He's probably 14 in this pic. The Guitar was a 6117 Cat's Eye made in the mid 60's for Manny's in NYC


VERY nice! I That's going to make a great addition to somebody's Gretsch collection.


Why has this not sold already??????


Why has this not sold already??????

– paul pigat

'cause Billy won't play nice.


Maybe he doesn't like taffy.


I say $1100 is a steal for this!


Paul, haven't you started thinking in baby diapers instead of dollars yet? It's the new currency for young parents.


Crowbone…. paging Mr. Crowbone

White courtesy telephone please….


Looks great, Billy. I play too slow to be able to get away with playing a guitar with flames, but it's mighty groovy. Cute kid, too!


I'm with Paul, this should be sold by now! If the Canadian dollar didn't suck so bad I would be jumping on it.


Yes, would love to see more pics!


Oh come on!!!!! We r having a baby!!! What's your excuse???!! Someone put me out of my misery and buy this thing already !


I'd love to take it off his hands for him but no funds, right now.


If not sold by this time next week (monday) I'll take it. Nows your chance to grab it guys, the count down has begun! Now, about that X375, crowbone...


are the upper bouts really that big compared to the lower bouts?? I'm inner-ested in this guitar. How much do you think Curt would charge me to repaint the front side and get rid of the zero fret?


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