Faux hilotrons?


I was thinking of picking up some reissue hilotrons having just noticed the price of the originals seems to have doubled in the last year or so. The reissues are pricey now too. I found these in Australia. They are listed as gretsch by a seller with 100% feedback. However they have no logo despite having plastic covers. they have a different backplate than the reissues, and from the back picture it kind of looks like there is no L shaped metal unit around the coil like real hilotrons have....if they are real please do not buy them out from me... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Gr...


Interesting the prices have gone up on them -- generally they aren't well thought of, although most here know better. Still if true, I wonder what's behind that, esp with TVJ making good ones. These here, not sure but who would make lo-rent copies?


They are listed as “HiLoTron style” which to me means copies. And yeah I noticed the rise in vintage prices too. I think I paid $200 shipped for a pair just like 2-3 years ago now they’re asking over $200 each.


I contacted the seller and he was up front about clarifying that they are cKorean copies and said his wording might be misleading. Seems like a good guy. He said he has sold many pairs with no complaints, however that is subjective.

I asked him about internal construction just to see how close they are to actual hilotron construction. It looks like they might be missing the right angle plate under the coil. I'm not fussy about logos, nor where things are made or by whom, I'm mostly interested in sonic function and aesthetics being close.


I think it's sort of cool that original HiLos are gaining favor, if prices of used ones indicate anything


I think it's great people like them but it sucks they are now having the inflated prices of other vintage pickups. Most gear is priced out of the hands of players.


I bought a set of those for, I think, sixty bucks a few years ago. They actually sound pretty good. They might be a tad less bright than the TV jones model, which are a tad louder/fuller than orginal 60's Hilo'trons......or it could be the differences of the the guitars they are in. I think they'd pass a blindfold test.

I have some stencils from Setzer that I debate using on them, but it seems a bit sneeky.


I was admiring the HiLotrons in my Corvette today. They have a low wind P90 vibe in that the more you dig in the more they give back but they are clear, full and balanced sounding without the midrange bump that some P90s have. They don't have much of a signature sound of their own but they effectively translate the inherent tone of whatever guitar they are installed in. While some players may see that as a weakness I view it as a strength.

Here is my prediction for HiLotrons. As much as they are a pickup of the past they are also a pickup of the future. Once more guitar players realize, even metal players, that clear and balanced pickups regardless of output are a great starting point for shaping your tone they will be highly sought after and revered for the great sounding pickups they are. Just make sure to adjust the bridge pickup poles as close to the strings as possible.


I've always loved them in my Tennessean which I bought in the late 80s. And have since put them in a few guitars. I'm annoyed though that if I wanted to pick up a pair I'd be paying upwards of $400 US. If I could buy the covers I could probably make some for less than $40.


They shouldn't cost that much. I think a fair price should be between $50 - $80.


$400 a pair?!? I need to dig out my parts box, I’m sure I’ve got one I’m not using and that kinda cash could come in handy.


These are $120.

eBay HiLotron

– BuddyHollywood

Those are the new ones ! I was referring to the old ones with the higher pricing.


Hey anybody have the pole spacing on the new hilotrons, Outside dimensions from E to E ?


This is more like it for the new ones: https://www.thomannmusic.co...

$80 US plus $10 shipping (EDIT)However I just discovered despite being Thomann US they will only ship these pickups to Europe and Britain

Ebay $119 US plus $21 shipping

Anyone know the pole piece spacing on the new ones?


So I got a pair of the Hilotron copies in the mail today. $60 shipped I haven't hooked them up but looking at them they would seem to have almost identical in construction to the real thing. The have the right sized tall narrow coil, A right angled thick metal unit around it that the poles screw into and a 1/4" thick magnet right up against the top at right angles to the coil. I can't see if it has the metal bit on the other side of the magnet but I believe that was mostly a leg on the original anyway The main difference would seem to be a brass bottom plate and slight smaller pole pieces that have a bigger head, rather than being a straight threaded rod. oh yeah and no G logo Otherwise they look identical and I'm betting they sound it too.


Toxo, congrats. Which place did you end up buying from? You got an incredible price.

What guitar will be fitted with the HiLo?


This guy in Australia on ebay, Shipping was pretty quick too. They were intended for my Hofner 12 string project and I might still try them on it if I decide against the hofner/schaller pickups I bought. Yikes I have to acquire another guitar for my pickups....

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