Dynasonic spacers


My beloved 55 DuoJet has a bridge pickup spacer that appears to be gassing and has started corroding the pickup. So far it is still localized under the pick guard but it's time to rectify this. Does anyone have a spacer for a Dynasonic bridge pickup for sale? Is there some remedy I can try failing that?


Hey Gary, what's the makeup of your spacer? I make a couple different styles so let me know. Thanks Paul


It's the tortoise shell type. I'm interested!


I put the squishy TVJones spacers in my Bacon Belmont and it sounds better (there were none when I got it) but I always thought it would look better with tortoise shell. Paul, I need a set of those.


I really want some cream colored dyna risers!!


Paul Setzer's tortoise shell spacers are quite nice, and laminating two together gives extra height. If I can find the pics...

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