Dynasonic Repairs-bobbin is loose in the surround


What can I use to reset a bobbin in the surround? I have a pickup that one side is able to be pushed down (gently) on a bridge pickup instead of the bakelite wafer being solid. It is also buzzing a little when played. What is the typical setting glue or adhesive used to set the bobbins in the surround?


When I've had to glue a DeArmond bobbin in its frame, I just do what they originally did. Run a bead of glue around the joint and push it in. I think I used gorilla glue or some other brown glue so that it looked original.


I remember seeing a brown semi-hard adhesive that looked like hide glue but maybe it was Barge or something similar. Silicon seal might work.


I was recommended silicone seal when I had a similar problem. Worked like a charm.



All of the modern ones are like that. They use a couple dabs of hot glue that doesn't stick. The newest ones have a riser with tabs to keep them from falling through. Get one of those, or a pair. The other one will come lose sooner or later.


My wife is a crafter and had some E9000 stuff so I used it. A few days later I heard back from Curtis Novak who said to use the same exact stuff and no epoxy. LOL All good now.

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