Dynasonic Prices?


Apologies if anyone has asked or answered this before, but does anyone know why Dynasonic pickups are so expensive?

Is it a matter of materials/construction? Demand? Psychology!?

I'm looking to replace the blacktops in my blue g5435 (they're fine, but in comparison to the TVJ Classics in my 6118t-120, they just can't keep up). I'd love to drop some Dynas in there, but the ones I'm finding are more expensive than any TV Jones options or HS filtertrons.

Thoughts? Any suggestions in lieu of Dynas?



Vintage anything - especially pickups -- will sell for a premium. People seem to be very happy with TVJones a bit more than the standard factory Dyna, but YMMV and all. There is no substitute for a Dynasonic.


There are no 'drop-in' options for your G5435 apart from the Filtertron-sized TVJ T-Armond. Great pickups, but whether they are worth that much is up to you. I had a set of these in my G5420T and I moved them on, not because they were terrible though. One thing I didn't care for was the mid-heavy bridge pickup. Pickup position on Filtertron guitars are much closer together than a Dyna guitar. I think these pickups need to be in their correct Dyna positions to balance out best.

All speculative, but perhaps demand for Dynas is not as strong as Filtertrons. I imagine it takes more time to manufacture a Dyna with it's magnet elevator mechanism than your standard Filtertron.


Is it a matter of materials/construction?

That's certainly a part of it. I mean, they're not the simplest pickups...


Thanks for the info and thoughts. You confirmed some of my suspicions. On the topic of Dynasonics, I've always enjoy (preferred, really) the sound of Dynas with flatwounds.

Have any of you used flatwounds in combination with TV Classics, HS, or black top filtertrons ? I have an old Les Paul with GFS Surf 90s and Thomastik .13 flats that I love the vibe of, but it's not gig-worthy. I'm thinking of moving the g5435 in that direction.

Thanks again!


I've used flats with vintage FilterTrons and DeArmonds. It grew old on me. Neither of those pickups is bright enough to overcome the thuddiness of flats, even good ones like TI Jazz Swings. It's all personal preference and what tone you're after, but for my ears, flats only work for me with screamingly bright pickups like HiloTrons or most Fender pickups.


I'm about to order a set of these: Link; they go for $195 on the 'bay. More info at: Link.

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