Dynas in filtertronguitar?


I know this has been up before but I don't find it. Anyway is it possible? Is it hard to do?



It's doable. TV Jones has been working on a Filter mount T-Armond (his excellent version of the Dyna) for a few years and it's supposed to be imminent, though it's been imminent for years.

But there are other ways. Contact Setzer (Paul, not Brian, no relation) a member here by PMing him and he can fab you spacers that will cover the screw holes from the Filter rings. OR, shoot an email to TV Jones and he can sell you clear plastic rings that use the Filter ring holes and that also have screw holes for the Dynas, in case there isn't enough wood for the Dyna screws to bite.

If your guitar is a tone post, this latter version works great. It's what I did with my T-Rose. If your guitar has trestle bracing, there's not quite enough room for the external 'monkeys on sticks' pole piece adjusters to fit in the cavity, so you'll need to dremel the tone rails a tad. It's been done before. From what I understand, it's not too major a job.

The TVJ adapter is pictured here in a pic he sent me before I installed. Charged me only a few bucks a piece plus shipping. But he doesn't advertise them. You have to contact him over email or by phone.


Paul made for me spacers to changed my pickups on my 5120. Not very easy to fix but at last a real good look.


Our good friend Bear also put Dynas on his 5120, and it looked stock perfect. You may want to also PM him, and ask how he did it.

I think he used Paul Setzer's method.


ive done it. I currently have a set of stock gretsch dynas in my 6118jr (which is normally fitted with filtertrons).

I could not locate an "adapter" that made it easy. i wish i had known about those tv jones adapters when i was doing my version of this.

i filled the holes in for the filtertron surrounds (as they are too close to where the mounting screws for the dynas go) and had to make new holes for the dyna mounts. I'm kinda confused as to how the tv jones adapters would work given this fact, but there they are in the pictures above. hmm. again - wish i'd know about those about 6months ago. :(

Since i was using stock dynas, with the long pole pieces, i did in fact need to dremel the tone rails - which unfortunately in my particular case, rendered the original filter mounting holes on the tonerails no longer useable. If i ever wanted to convert back, i'd have to do a little bit of reconstruction on those tonerails in order to redril the filter mount holes.

In any case, it's not an easy thing, but it can be done, and i'm quite happy with how mine came out.

Here's a picture of it. (the pickups in the picture are dearmond 2000s which i tried before the stock dynas - but they essentially look the same)


Heya, It is a moderately fiddly but not very complicated mod. I've done it in (to?) a country club and it worked fine. The fiddly bit is drilling the mounting holes for the DeArmond/T-Armond, which requires drilling very close to the cavity - there's a danger of slipping. Other than that it's very straight forward. The T-Armonds have shorter magnets, making them the better choice for trestle braced guitars (the potential problem Strummerson mention) - with TVJ's foam spacers, there shouldn't be a problem to fit the pickup into the Filter cavity.

My guitar is a natural finish and once I filled the Filter holes and mounted the T-Armond, they are barely visible. I think that Setzer's oversized spacers look pretty nice if that is a cosmetic issue you don't want to live with.

Hope that helps, Nick


Not my work above. It's TV's pic he sent me when he suggested I use them. They really are pretty simple. They are roughly the external footprint of the filter ring, but with an internal cut-out that matches the Dyna covers. Clear, so they maintain the look of the classic Dyna top mount. There are 8 screw holes. Four simply attach the adapter with the filter ring holes, and four receive the T-Armond's mounting screws. You can use these holes to drill some starter holes if they line up over wood, and they are sturdy enough to hold the pickup if its holes hang over air (as TV warned me was the case on a few he had done).

The issue of the rails may occur even if using the shorter slug T-Armonds, as it has to do with the internal width of the cavity. There seems to be a difference between the width between the tone rails in tone post guitars vs. trestle braced. Don't know about the ML bracing. I don't get involved with waffle bracing.


Strummerson, thanks for setting me straight. It is clear in your post and I glossed right over the comment. Another great solution from TV Jones.


Curt did that transformation on my SSLVO...you could check with him, too.


Gimme a day or two. I've finally uploaded pics and will post a conversion thread.

In the mean time, check the pics I posted in AndyJ's "Flyin' Under the Radar" Tenny thread from earlier today (or maybe late yesterday, I'm in a middle eastern time zone).


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This graphic has got to be ten years old already and it came from a fellow GDPer who made it up for swapping a DeArmond gold tone HB to DeArmond 2k. I took this same principle and started making the filter sized ring and adding the DeArmond mount holes. It got me thinking after making these for a while that having the extra holes for the filter surround mount where not needed. Until a couple years ago I'd do 8 holes now I only do 4...the dyna holes. It does work out good that the four filter holes will anchor everything but I think it looks cleaner with just four screws at the dyna case.


strum - in your application , didn't the dyna screws reach past the plastic and go through the guitar? arent those holes painfully close to the filtertron surround holes? i found that in order to line the pole pieces up with the strings there would actually be collision between the filter surround holes and the dyna mount holes - so this did not seem to be an option for me.

cool that it worked in this case though!


Check my thread linked above for close-ups. Not sure if the Dyna screws reach the wood rails in the cavity or not. The pups mount to the adapter and the adapter to the guitar.


This is the most worthwhile guitar mod I can imagine.


Well, I'm pretty darned happy about it, and I don't even hate Filters as an article of Zoomist faith!

Truth be told, I'm even partial to accordions...


This is the most worthwhile guitar mod I can imagine.

– Billy Zoom

This is the most worthwhile guitar mod I can imagine.

– BillyZoom

Nah.... new strings is. ;-)


Here ya go.


Actually here's the thread. Paul Setzer's oversized spacers weren't used because i filled the holes but next to filling them his spacer system is the solution.



I still wonder why a pickup maker has not extended the metal lip of the Dyna casing so the mounting holes would line up with the Filtertron ring holes. At the very least it would solve the mounting issues.

The slugs vs the tone rail issue seem like minor issues after that.


I was thinking the same thing Secret Agent Man!

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