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Ok so I now have this clean '62 Melody Maker 3/4 which has the polite single coil but Duncan makes a bucker crammed into that size


Looks like these are special order since I can't find any for sale in usual places and it's not an everyday item

But you can choose Alnico or Ceramic magnet -- I know what's said about diffences in speakers with these 2 kinds of magnets .. but what's the difference in a boutique bucker?

Also they offer neck and bridge option -- not sure what difference this might be -- if one were darker / louder than the other I think I would want that being this is a bridge only situation.

Any ideas? thanks


Yes, bridge pup is almost certainly hotter (therefore darker).

Waaaay back near the beginning of time, I had one of the early bucker-in-single-coil-formfactor pickup in my Melody Maker. I think it was DiMarzio...Fat Strat maybe? And I have a surely-cheapo version now in a Jay Turser Lyrebird (a very rare - and entirely unsung - bird). Both are quite credible 'buckers, if a little on the clangy (though appropriately fat) side. I suspect both are ceramic-magneteers.

And that's the conventional wisdom on ceramic-mag pickups - that they're a bit harsh and hard-sounding by comparison with AlNiCo's reputed warmth and sweet giving generosity. Both characterizations are, in my experience, a bit hyperbolic. BUT, again in my sperience, ceramics do have a certain crispness and clarity, maybe a kind of sharper focus than AlNiCos.

Maybe put it this way: if you like a clean, hi-fi tone, ceramics. If you like a little softer focus, with some warmth around the edges, AlNiCo.

But refinement over the years in pickup construction may well have eroded the differences between these caricatures. I haven't heard the pickups in question, so can't answer with any more authority.

For me, it wouldn't so much be the fatness of the pickup, it's the location. You can have a fat-sounding bridge pickup, but it still doesn't pick up the harmonic stew you get under the string vibrating at the usual neckpup position. I keep trying to think of a way you could stick something at the neck of that guitar without doing any violence to it, and it's tough.

There are some very thin fully-encased pickups you might be able to literally double-stick to that narrow extension of the pickguard at the end of the neck (the one I'm envisioning is chrome, like something typically mounted on a monkey stick) ... but how you'd run/hide the wires, I don't know.

Wait! Maybe I do know. Put some short spacers/washers on pickguard screws along part of its run around the bottom of the guitar - to raise it just slightly - then run the wires under it to the control cavity. Then use a stacked concentric pot for separate volumes on the two pickups (instead of a switch), and the master tone.

And I think I'd still replace the bridgepup with something at least nominally less "polite."


Well thanks for all the info -- maybe in the Modern World, the ceramic or Alnico difference is less of a thing. Probably either will be ok and you are right you just don't get a neck sound in a bridge location.

My guitar tech thinks like you as far as tweaky even offbeat ways to make something work. So not giving up on some neck thing. But first will just get the bridge p/u done. Of course there could be a new aftermarket guard we could drill into, but had although though of just doing away w/ rarely used tone control and put the coil tap/ bucker-to-single switch in that place.

So a nu project for a nu year but sure would like to clear out some of the leftovers from last year's Demented Projects.


very thin fully-encased pickups you might be able to literally double-stick to that narrow extension of the pickguard

I have one of these for my Honey Dipper and it sounds quite nice: https://lacemusic.com/produ...


Yes I will need something w/ a lo-height/lo-profile. Not much space in there. If this one went for more an acoustic sound, I would be ok w/ that


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Well the special order is made w/ Duncan. The 2nd phase will be a month off


Would you like to borrow the Lace pickup I mentioned to see if it might be something you'd be interested in? I'm not currently using it, you could stick it on with tape and try it.


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Would you like to borrow the Lace pickup I mentioned to see if it might be something you'd be interested in? I'm not currently using it, you could stick it on with tape and try it.

– Otter

Thanks for the offer -- right now I am getting the sounds I need even w/ the single MM stock pickup just rolling the tone back some. Never had this good a result on any single p/u guitar.

Then when the Duncan gets here we'll see what kind of difference I am getting with the bucker/single switch.

Still have a feeling once I have been thru all this you would be hearing from me about it.I never stop experimenting - and may find adding that one like yours could do it.

Next one!! Holding out for an early 60s single cut -- most had the wider neck.

But of cool cherry doublecuts this one as I posted is eatin on me


but you can see an equally clean full scale one for much less


-- so I just am going to have to wait this one out.


Seymour has horrible customer service. You'd be lucky to even place an order. Why not use a Red Velvet Dimarzio?

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