Dream 90, short sound sample.


I just love single coil pickups! Sounds great John.


I totally agree w/Steve, that is one fine sounding guitar.


Sounds great UG. I'm curious about Dream 90's. I've been thinking about trying Dream 90's in my Epiphone Dot. Hmmm?



I'm really liking this. With the gain turned up a bit it has a raunchy, don't mess with me, sound.


Dream 90's sound perfect in a 5120. I'm pretty surprised but when I think about it it makes sense. I contacted Guitarfetish when I was asking about the difference between a Mean 90 and a Dream 90 and they told me a Mean 90 is their version of a P90 and a Dream 90 is more like a really fat Strat pickup. In a 5120 the Dream 90 clears up some of the natural low end in the neck and actually suits this guitar maybe more than a Mean 90 would. Good call!


I chose blindly and lucked out. I have noticed, even through my cheap little amp, that I can use the Dream 90 to mimic the acoustic properties of the 5120. I like this a lot. I think it's a keeper.


I also love the acoustic properties of my 5120. Whenever I combine the bridge and neck stock pickups I always lower the volume on the neck to balance out the tone. With a Dream 90 in the neck the boom is already taken care of and it seems you could crank both pickups together to get an amazing tone.

I believe you stumbled onto some gold!


Thanks for the post - I think the sound is truly amazing - rich, varied and clear as a bell - love the tonal range.

I must say I have been blown away by the quality of the GFS pickups. I put a pair of vintage style alnicos in my 5120 and I love the sound. Although noew I want to try a dream 90 in combination with a humbucker. I just finished building two nocasters and in one I used GFS stacked humbuckers and in the other I used their replicas of vintage style single coils - both set ups have been extremely satisfying. I finished the last guitar on the weekend and am loving the sound of the single coils and even without shielding I have no buzz or hum going on. I am amazed at the sound quality and value. A year or so ago I was looking at various pricier pup[s - TV jones for the electromatic and considering building with bare knuckles or fralins. At this point there is no way I will spend that kind of money as I think the sounds I am getting are superb. The only improvements to be made are - I believe - in my own technique! So thanks for the short sound sample.


I prefer Dream90s to Mean90s. I think the cleans of the Dreams outshine the grind of the Means. They are both very good though.

Also I'm coming to appreciate Surf 90s more. I have a set in a fullsize hollowbody archtop, and if I think of it more like in typical telecaster applications, it sounds great.

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