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RIP James Horner


Sad. Horner was one of my heroes in the movie music biz. Admired his stuff, it was often somehow edgier than Mr Williams'.



Incredible composer/arranger. His style was both personal and universal. Inventive and reflective. His sense of timing, mood, and exposition in underscore was second to none. Many of the movies he composed for were worth the screening just to hear the music he contributed to them. He was most definitely a hero of mine, almost a friend, and I will reflect most sadly upon his passing. Thank you for coming James...


A terrible loss, his music has carried us through such great moments in film, so many more than we realize. He was a pilot, he loved to fly.


So sad. Love his music. Film composers don't get near enough credit in the "legit" or classical music world.


At first they didn't know for sure if it was him, but when he didn't answer his phone or couldn't quickly be found they realized it was he in the plane. Very tragic.


Life's not Fair or Safe...be sure you lived it...which I am comfortable he did...

Very Sad just the same.

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