Doyle Dykes, Gretsch Falcon hex bridge pickup


hi everyone, I was watching YouTube videos of my favorite musician today, Doyle Dykes; I noticed the hex puckup bridge mounted in his Gretsch Falcon. Anyone know how to park me about this? I know that LR Baggs makes these bridges !!!!


Also a company called RMC. I think some are marketed under the Ghost name...maybe Shadow.

Presumably he has a 13-pin pickup somewhere on the guitar to feed a Roland or compatible synth.


Baggs makes their T-Bridge, which is what this looks like to me. It comes with individually wired piezo saddles and fits in place of a tune-o-matic bridge. With the Baggs, you can either wire these saddles to a hexaphonic harness or connector and use them with a synth pickup, or solder all the leads together on a summing board included with the pickup, and send that to a preamp like a Baggs Ctrl-X. The GHOST bridge is made by GraphTech (the people who make Tusq nuts and other stuff) and works the same way but can be plugged into either their GHOST preamp as just a piezo pickup, or into their Hexpander add-on to the GHOST preamp to use it as both a piezo bridge for acousticky tone or a synth pickup for pretty much any tone you’d want, provided it can be created on a Roland or Boss processor that can use the hexaphonic pickup.

If he’s using a GHOST system with a Hexpander, he’s got all the extra controls pretty stealthily concealed, and if I had to guess, I would guess he’s using it for an acousticky tone on an electric guitar.

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