DIY P-90 Alnico Jazz Staple Masters


What I'm doing is very simple, probably the hardest part is making a baseplate so they can be dog ear mounted and that's not very difficult. Regarding magnet shape I guess one could also say that the rods could also sound more DeArmond-y as other than the armature a P-90 with rod magents might be considered to be closer to a DeArmond than a Strat pickup. The shared feature of all of them being Alnico rod magnets which gives them all that crisp tactile biting top end. Personally I'm not sure what difference the shape of the magnet makes, other than the narrow rectangular magnets on the staples are more difficult to ensure they all align with the strings nicely.

In my opinion (and it's just my opinion) the biggest factors in pickup sound, (outside of placement on the guitar) are the coil (size, resistance, single or double)and the type of pole pieces (either steel with magnets underneath or actual rod magnets)


Just made a 6k pair of these and I think they're my favourites. A little less thick and aggressive, Maybe a little more strat-like.

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