DIY Dual Screw Mount Adaptor


I was fortunate enough to find a good deals on a set of TVJ Classics for my g5435 recently.

The neck is a "no ears" mount and the bridge is an English mount. Using the ideas from old posts on the forum, I was able to fashion a wood mount for the neck pickup (ended up stripping a screw head in the process, blarg!), but it works just fine.

Because it's an English Mount, it looks like I will need a dual screw mount adaptor* for the bass side of the bridge pickup. Has anyone fashioned their own adaptor? If so, what material did you use?

*I realize TVJ sells one of these, but I'd rather not pay $11 for the part if I can just make one myself.

Also, thanks to all the forum members who gave advice on optimizing my Blacktop Filtertrons, pots, and EQ pedals. I really appreciate it!

Thanks, Ben


Not sure if I'm getting you right....but I got some great advice on making hs Filter'trons into a spring mount for an Electromatic. I used pickguard plastic and ran screws through to hold the pickups in and the same plastic strip to drill my spring mounted screws through. Worked perfectly. Hope I answered your question. If not, others will chime in.


They say necessity is the mother of invention, when we all know it's really thriftiness!

I haven't had a need to do so yet, but, if they look professionally done, I'll be interested to see what turns up here.

Thanks for posting.


Hilosean, pickguard plastic is a great idea. I'll definitely have to look through the work bench to see if I have any scraps around. Thanks!

Riffing on that idea, I wonder if plastic gift cards cut, stacked, and superglued together would do the trick as well?

Like Crowbone said, necessity is the mother of invention.

Thanks & keep the ideas coming!


I wonder if plastic gift cards cut, stacked, and super glued together would do the trick as well? - BennytheJet

That would probably do it, but it more than likely wouldn't look very appealing unless you had tort credit cards!


If your not in a hurry, I'll send you some plastic.....if you're like me, you won't be able to sleep until it's finished though. Mine has held up perfectly, and I can be a constant adjuster. Looks totally normal too.


Thanks for the offer! I think I've got some. The pickup should arrive on Tuesday, so I have a bit of time to experiment. I'll let you guys know how it goes.

And, fortunately, the pickup rings cover up any of aesthetic eccentricities these DIY efforts yield.

A tort credit card would be pretty legit, though.



I found some old pickguard material and cut myself a small rectangle for a DIY dual screw mount adaptor. I approximated the size based on pictures and the pickup itself.

Measuring and drilling were pretty straight forward. I just used the pickup rings to mark for drilling.

The only issue I ran into was that the screws that raise/lower the blacktops barely clear the sides of the TV Jones ears. I trimmed 1-2cm off each side for clearance. I doubt you'd even notice they were trimmed if you were to remove the pickup.

I did end up having to trim a tiny bit of the DIY mount to fit the contours of the pickup cavity, but that was easy as well.

I'm going to solder in the pickups tomorrow and adjust the heights according to taste. I'll update if the mount fails or anything else pops up.

Thanks again, everyone!

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