Did I buy a dud…


... And if so, is it fixable?

I'm planning on building a telecaster type guitar and trying to keep it relatively cheap. I found some Classic Vibe 50s tele pickups someone swapped out, but they were in another city so had my friend who lives there pick them up for me. When I got them I saw this:

On the black wire (ground?), the wire from the pickup is straight (sort of taut looking) and then there's 2-3 strands that wrap over the edge. I don't know much about the construction of pickups - this looks like it's just soldered on both the top and bottom side, so I'm not sure exactly what it's adding. But, on the yellow wire, the wire from the pickup looks slack and where the multiple strands wrap over the edge, they are broken.

Is this pickup now junk? Will it work as is? Or can I solder some wire to replace the broken ones?

Thanks for the advice.


pic 3/3


Does it work? That would be the deciding factor. Start with a multimeter and see if you get a resistance reading or if it's open.


Now that you say that, it seems pretty obvious. I kind of feel like an idiot, haha. Yes I do get a reading 6.6k on the neck and 6.0k on the bridge.

So should I just leave it as is or would it be worthwhile to try to solder in a couple strands to replace the broken ones? (I work with a couple people with far greater soldering skills than I have). Or is this just asking for more trouble?


You can get a good reading for resistance on a dud pickup if the magnets are kaputski, but I think if you get a good reading the wiring pretty much has to be good. I'd put it in and check it out.

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