Dearmond 2ks


Hey Got 2 Dearmond 2k pickups cheap. Both read 7.6k ohm on the multimeter. So I think they are both bridge pickups. Questions: Is it possible to Install both (one as neck pickup) and how would that sound?

Other: how to get them into a Filtertron routed solid body (Telecaster) or in a newer Gretsch ProJet (instead of the blacktops?) Many thanks!


the resistance #s shouldnt be an issue...you could always play with the spacers to adjust pickup height for matching volume...what you will lose however if indeed they are both bridge pups, is the ability to have noise cancellation/humbucking when both pups are on



I don't think those came calibrated, but they did come with a taller bridge pickup usually. Like Neatone says, playing with pickup heights will get you volume balance between them.

With a few exceptions, most pre-80's guitars came with the same pickups for neck and bridge, not a big deal at all.


Neck pickups are 7/16" tall; bridge is 9/16". This was for DeArmonds made from the sixties onwards. Vintage Gretsches were all 7/16" and had a slightly different casing -- less rounded.


the dearmond 2ks are different items...fmic 1999-2003...designed by emg founder/pickup guru-bill turner (rip)....look like dynas but with p90 type design inside...

my completely original dearmond starfire special has identical height 2k pups for neck and bridge...but they are reverse wound...as i stated above, only problem may be that if you have two bridge pups you wont get noise cancellation when using both pups



Thanks for your Inputs! Really appreciate that

Any ideas too -regarding my other question - how to get them into a Filtertron routed hole. I have two choices to use the 2ks... One is a Telecaster the other a newer Gretsch ProJet. Both guitars are routed for Filtertrons.


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