Curious Old Pole/Blade Pickup


My amp tech has a couple of these and I snapped a pic of one. They came out of an old guitar with a large rotary tone switch as that's what they are still attached to; no idea what kind. I'd love to take a look under the cover. The poles are height adjustable and judging from what appears to be a similar diameter on both ends, I'm wondering if they are magnets and not only screws. And the blades.....curious. Fairly hot I imagine; 8.7 K marked on this one. Anyone seen these before?


I've never seen them before, and would like to see the guitar they were installed in.


This site has a pretty impressive array of oddball vintage pickups:


But no match. Maybe try emailing the guy who runs that site?

– Afire

Very cool; thanks. I will send them the pics.


Interesting that the vast majority of those pickups are Japanese. I was surprised by how many of those that the strings didn't line up correctly. It took me over 40years and searching the interwebs to find out that a pair of pickups that I bought in England in the early '70s were Bill Lawrence made.

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