CTS 1Meg pots that ACCTUALLY fits in a G6128T-DSV Duo Jet???


I'm on my third set of 1Meg CTS pots that don't fit my 2005 DSV Jet, the threaded sleeve where you secure the nut is to short as always and I wonder if there actually exists a 1Meg pot that will have a long a enough sleeve? It's been pointless asking sellers since they either don't know or are like "heh these fit perfect no prob bro so don't worry about that expensive overseas shipping kay thnx" ...then they clearly don't.

Do any of you know where I can source some?


Thank you! As my luck would have it Gear4music only had 3 in stock (can't seem to catch a break), but with the parts number you gave me I was able to find some in stock at Allparts! Much appreciated!

Btw, how did the pot upgrade work for you? Did it open up the guitars tone? I switched to T-Armonds from the stock pickups but still found the guitar had a somewhat dark, numb and constrained tone, in fact my R6 and p90 SG sounds a lot more open, clear and crisp (!) so I'm really hoping this is going to do the trick.


I really liked the upgrade. I had found the T-Armonds to be too heavy in the mids for my liking. I only changes the two individual volumes and the tone control, not the master volume, and found that the additional brightness was enough to balance the tone better.

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