Can anyone do me a magnatron demo with fuzz?


hey there im building a jet and have a set of filtertrons and a set of tv jones magnatrons (dynasonic mount) to choose between i play mainly blues/rock (white stripes, black keys that sort of thing) so i want to know how well the magnas deal with fuzz (i have the bigg muff) can anyone do me a demo?


Can't do the demo and don't have a magna jet, but i like the sound of the neck magna in my Hot Rod with either muff fuzz, Fuzzrite fuzz, or Fuzzface fuzz. Dark, punchy , and fuzzy. :D


Really Mark, interesting.. what kind of amp? I had a magnatron in my hotrod and in my spectrasonic. Holy frickin brightness batman.. I sounded just like Clapton with his preamp boosted strat and soldano. 'cept I was using a bassman :) I use to always take an extended solo on this R&B tune we did and I would flick the Barber burn unit ontop of the Tim pedal for a thick fuzz drive (less say transparent distortion) and flip over to the magnatron in the neck of my gretsch. It sounded exactly like this solo in this tune layla (2:57)



Your favourite amp in the world, TV, the Hot Rod 112 :-) Also used with a Blues Jr. Maybe dark wasn't the word i was looking for...more bluesy, syrupy fuzz. Definitely not trebly and bitey. Interesting that you described yours as bright, though. I like the magna, and it's spanky when clean, but with the fuzz, it's a different story.


magnatron is two strat pickups making love in my book. There is absolutely nothing about them that reminds me of a filtertron . Thats not dogging it, I loved the magna in the neck of my hotrod with a supertron bridge.

I think you could even pull off a legit dark side of the moon solo with it.


I gotta say, I have been thinking about swapping the bridge TV classic for a magna on my Hot Rod....


so I'm gonna call it Mark... you are a closet T-armond guy and you dont even know it! :) time for some filtertron mount T-armonds. (neck needs to be reverse wound for hum cancelling middle position)


Let's not go all crazy, here...I like the sound of magnas...I have a jet for dynas, no need to be gettin all nutso here and puttin T'armonds on a Setzer signature guitar. ;-)

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