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MSG - Do You Cook With It


Well, I like to cook and try different recipes either ones from the net and from cook books and magazines or make up myself. Oh don't forget the Food Network too and Cooking Channel. I saw a guy trying to crack the KFC recipe and he said MSG is an important ingredient to the taste. I did research too and found that people say MSG just adds something you can't get with just salt or other ingredients.

My mom used to buy Accent and cook with it. I believe it's essentially MSG branded as Accent but she stopped back in the '70s saying that studies shown MSG to be bad for you and cancerous. Chinese food has been known to use MSG but because of the backlash against the product you started seeing on Chinese restaurant windows "No MSG" or "We don't use MSG". But thru my research people have said there is no real scientific proof MSG is dangerous to one's well being. I in fact thru research read that people who cook Chinese food have found something is missing that they taste at the Chinese restaurants and that ingredient is MSG so they go for it at home and the taste is great like the restaurant.

So thru my research I basically found two camps. Those who think it's deadly and those who think it's not and it adds a dimension to their food you can't get without it.

Which camp are you and why? I always was in the first camp but now I want to try some MSG just for the taste of it. There is Accent and other brands. There is some Japanese brand, forget the name but it's rather popular even among chefs of Chinese food.


Couldn't resist, sorry.


Thanks, Tubs.

Maybe they were playing Madison Square Garden when that pic was taken.


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When the Wife and I first got married in the late 60's, we used it all the time.

However, The Wife is quick to hear all the wackos squawking, and stopped buying the stuff way back when, and I can't recall the last time I've seen it in the spice cabinet.

She goes for rumors and gossip, I prefer to do the research.

I believe I'll buy a shaker full and place it down at MY end of the Table!


Echosonic needs a Facebook page.

– tommy59

I do, I just don't go to it.


Couldn't resist, sorry.

– Mr Tubs

That's okay, Michael Schenker Group can be hazardous to one's health if taken in high doses.


Make sure you have plenty to drink as I've always found it to create thirst. You see it far more frequently in European products as it never got the stigma there it did in NA. You see it used in canned or packaged soups, gravies and soup making ingredients such as stock bases. Oddly, Franco-American canned chicken gravy has it but not the turkey one.

I avoid it as much as possible.


It's a known migraine trigger for some of us. I'd never willingly take it on. Problem is that it's hidden in so many unexpected spots. So, I'm in the "never use" category.


My grandfather always cooked the best tasting meals I've ever eaten. No matter what he cooked, it tasted wonderful. One day I saw the container of MSG ("Accent") that he kept by his stove.....


When I was a missionary in Ecuador in the early 80's, MSG was used as a meat seasoning. It went by the name Aji-No-Moto.

Looked it up. Ajinomoto is a giant Japanese food and pharmceutical conglomerate. Aji-no-moto means "essence of taste" and is still around, apparently.


If it tastes good, I eat it. Worrying about eating this stuff will kill you faster than actually eating it. Relax. Next thing you know you'll be juicing like some paranoid nut.


A couple of years ago I was eating Pho 2 to 3 times a week. Everytime I went to the doctor my blood pressure was high. I always had really low PB. Did some research and found out most Vietnamese restaurants used MSG in Pho. After staying off it for a few weeks my blood pressure was normal.


Our early Vertebrate Ancestors, the Fishes, passed along information genetically about what's good to eat to the Reptiles, who passed it along to us Mammals.

For over seven million years us Hominids have been eating stuff that works best for our latest/greatest current species. We have great genetic instructions about what's Good and what's Bad for us!

For the last eight or nine thousand years (but mostly in the last few hundred) we have been trying to introduce stuff to our diets that we ain't necessarily programmed to eat.

Ongoing genetic mutations are allowing us to consume many of these new things....in time. It's just up to each of us to take note of what makes us uncomfortable, and avoid it.


I try to keep it to fresh vegetables, meats, eggs, etc... I don't do the added pre made seasonings and/or sauces. Hard to do when you're on the road, and it always takes me a few days to shake it off - I notice a big difference when I'm not eating clean like I do when I'm at home.


Ha. What Grumps said. Yeah.


We got a big jar of seasoning from Red Robin. I love to use it when I'm grilling burgers!


It's fine unless you're sensitive to it. Like any food allergy, if it bothers you, avoid it.


it intensifies the flavor of meats,

used as a substitute for salt it can actually reduce your intake of sodium by 30-50%

salt bad - really bad.

msg fears? i'm pretty sure some of it was rooted in an anti-chinese climate...


Gotta stay away from the salt and MSG myself.......need to keep the BP down.


I eat something with MSG in it I get migraines, thirsty and indigestion, so I stay away from it if possible. Might be the reason I really hate KFC !!!


What is MSG (sounds like some kind of disease…) ?


monosodium glutamate.


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