Broadtron Pickup Covers


Hi all, I am rather new to modding guitars and I'm currently doing some modifications on my G2622. I was just wondering if it would be at all possible to put more standard looking humbucker pickup covers on the BT style pickups? I personally am not a big fan of the BT style covers, but I don't want to go and change something before I am sure I can. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


They are soldered on, but you could use regular filtertron covers if you can find them. You just need a good, hot soldering iron.


IIRC (and that's a big if) I read somewhere here that the BTs are not the same size as standard Filtertrons?


Looks to me like the Broadtron is closer to a stand humbucker than to a filtertron. Has anybody exchanged a B-tron for an F'tron? is it painful or reasonably easy? I have my first Gretsch after 50 years with humbuckers of acoustic classical guitar, I grabbed a Streamliner Jr. and am wondering about making it Gretschier with a fitertron or TV Jones transplant. I do like the Broadtrons, but they are a bit more generic than I expected.


I have the Broad'Trons on my 2420. The guitar itself is fantastic - and not just for the money. Love its big wide open resonance.

I do not love the pickups. I did not love them when they were called "GretschBuckers," or when I got the same (looking) pickups on a Carlo Robelli.

They claim to have been redesigned especially for the Streamliner series, with a lot of nebulous tone words. Far as I can tell, the redesign extended to renaming them. They're not bad pickups. They're perfectly competent budget humbuckers. They're just bad Gretsch pickups.

And I understand they're used for economy. I guess they help lure new buyers into fantastic and very affordable guitars bearing the Gretsch logo...but which don't sound all that much like Gretschs. (And I am extremely impressed with the Streamliner range, great build quality, tremendous value.)

Just generic pickups. Change them out for a Gretschier design, and you'll get the vibe you were hoping for.

And yes, "Broad'Trons" are the same size as industry-standard humbuckers: morless 1.5" x 2.75".

Study TV Jones' site carefully. He's got options to fit every pickup hole, with Gretsch-looking pickup rings that make the conversion easy.

For less expensive options, see Guitar Fetish. Same thing: they'll fit any hole, with proper rings and easy conversion.


I have a G2622T with the newer BT pickups. I didn't like the covers at all. I think that solid bar in the centre makes them look cheap. So changed the covers for open top, blacktop style, covers. The stock covers were difficult to remove, I had to cut through the solder in the end. They're chrome plated brass. The stock pickups do have a pvc black top cover over the bobbins, so they look neat with the open tops.

You might be able to put standard Humbucker covers on, finding the right pole piece spacing would be essential, and radiused corners might need matching up.

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