Are these filtertrons the great Prefenders?


I don't remember pre-FMIC filtertrons having screws coming out of the bottom, so I think they're FMIC - but take that with several grains of salt.


And I don't see anywhere that it lists "Made in USA" but that may be some detail that you're aware of that I'm not.


Looking at the pole screw heads, I believe these are just pre-Fender ceramic filtertrons.


My guess is that they're what was called "Hot Rod Filtertrons" in the pre-FMIC era. The regular ones had mounting tabs ("ears"), and measured out substantially more than 4K. The Setzer Hot Rods had alnico magnets, and the ears clipped off so you could mount them closer to the strings without the pickup surround keeping you from doing that.


They were sold to the current owner as being real made in the USA Gretsch pickups. https://reverb.com/item/168...

– Toxophilite

By current owner, do you mean the guy that's trying to sell them on Reverb right now? If he bought them believing they were USA-made, then he didn't do his homework.

Pretty sure that Walter (WB) has it right.


IIRC Gretsch doesn't have any Made in the USA pickups; they get the high end stuff from specialty builders. Those aren't the early modern Gretsch ceramic ones as those had the ears/tabs. What Walter said.


Thanks all I appreciate it What's a good price range to pay for these?


They're gold so they're probably not hot rod pickups and they're well under 4K output. They could be early Setzer Nashville (SSU) pickups.

If so, they're worthless IMHO. Those pickups are weak.

Save your money for something better


Personally low output isn't an issue for me. I like hilotrons. However I'll be putting them on a guitar I'll be selling


It's not just the low output. These pickups have very thick covers which blocks the magnetics a bit too much.

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