anyone have new/used strat sized lipsticks ?


Well the BirdMan doubleneck project has hit a snag .. had wanted to use GFS 4.9k lipsticks, which are well thought of and a great deal @ $30 each new. But they are out of stock of those and the 6 k ones. Don't want the overwound 8K ones. Seems like Duncan is the only alternative... at twice the price. There are some even more than that in the $90 range... eeeeeeeeeeeek. These are of course the Strat size ones, that are a little bit different size and mounting than the Dano compatible ones.

Anybody have any silver strat size lipsticks, 6K or under they aren't using??


I have a Duncan strat sized lipstick in the neck position of a classic vibe tele, and it's great.

The GFS ones mostly look like Dano pickups, but they're a generic strat-like pickup on the inside. Original lipsticks didn't have a bobbin, just a coil wound around a fairly big magnet - most of the asian-made lipsticks have a bobbin with individual magnets per string, like a Fender pickup.


So does this mean Duncans are more like original lipsticks... basically what I want is killer chime and ringing tone

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