Acoustic Output from a G6120


Fitting a piezo bridge for acoustic tone is not an easy option on hollow guitars with Bigsby, however I found a viable solution in sending the direct output of the neck pickup to a suitable acoustic preamp (a RANE AP-13 in my case); a CTS Push-Pull make the trick.


However, an intensive equalization is required for a reasonable tone.


A passive Twin-T filter can be inserted to emulate the 630 Hz notch, yielding in a much gentler preamp equalization.


Precision components are welcome when dealing with filters in general: in this case, 1% resistor and capacitors will do. A small PCB can be directly soldered to the TRS output jack.


The frequency response of the filter is quite acceptable for a passive network.


A quality cable can be made with Van Damme (quad) and Neutrik connectors; of course, the overall result will never sound like a dreadnought, but can add a useful tone to your pallette when playing live, with a minimal effort.


This is a very interesting modification, Fabio. My hats off to you for having the ingenuity (and skills) to pull it off.


My degree in electronics sometimes helps; thanks.


I would have absolutely no use for it myself, but I salute your ingenuity.

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