ACH pickups in Ibanez Artcores?


How are they? I'm thinking about getting one of the AF series and don't want to replace the pickups if I don't have to, cause I would probably use TV Jones and that's just as exoensive as the guitar.

I'm looking for something fat and crunchy with a little twang.

or should I look at a GFS or something less expensive...?


I have an AFS75T and I love it. I've had it for 6 or 7 years now. It is one of the very first of the Artcores. The pickups are really nothing to write home about. They have ceramic magnets and sound pretty sterile and cold to my ear but I play clean without any distortion. If you use distortion, I guess they would be okay since you really hear only the gain anyway.

I changed my pickups to Tom Short TomBuckers but they're pretty expensive. They are the sweetest humbucker to my ear.

The Artcore guitars in general however are an excellent value and play great.


Neck pup on mine is ok. Bridge pup is muddy. Other than that great guitar for the money.


I have an AWD82 with the ACH pick-ups still in it. They are a little bland on their own, but I think they take to fx/processing well. You can hear them in action on "Open Range" at my MySpace page. It was recorded using a DI into my computer and then using a modeled amp and excessive reverb. If I remember correctly it is the neck p.u.


Oh, and I also have an Aria Pro II FA-75 with GFS Nashvilles in it. They have a little twang, but I don't know if I'd use "fat and crunchy" to describe them (in my guitar at least). You can hear them in action on "Ramblin' Soul".


i picked up and plugged in an artcore once. i was comparing it with other archtops. fine guitar, but horrible pickups. i compared a cheaper guitar research, an electromatic and high-end gretsch, Artcore had the worst pickups. Both "cheap" and "wrong" for the guitar.

I hihgly recommend GFS Memphis Retrotrons (Alnico 2) - you will SMILE!


Hi, I have an Ibanez Artcore am77NBK, it has the Ach1 and Ach2 pickups, I'm about to make a proffesional recording for my rock band, and our producer told me that those pick ups were too muddy, so I'm going to change the Ach1&2 pick ups for the Seymour duncan Sh-4 JB (bridge) and the Dimarzio Air Norton (neck) What do you thing about this change? The music we are used to play is rock kind U2, Cold Play, Life House, things like that, but some times I add our songs some bluesy mood.


well, it might be just me, but i think you'd get better results with GFS Retrotrons (Memphis or Liverpool) for that kind of sound. At the very least you'll get a better value. That's what I'd do.

mine are Memphis and they offer clarity and sparkle galore, very gretschy.

The Shetland said: I'm looking for something fat and crunchy with a little twang.

I don't want to appear pushy, but that description could talk about a P90. Maybe try some of the many affordable "P90 in a humbucker casing" offerings?


yeah, GFS dream 90 comes to mind.


Dream 90's would make the Ibby sing.


I put Filter's in my AS83 semi hollow.Wow what a difference,Sparkle in top and lots of bottom end.

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