A pickup for my 53’ Synchromatic


Hi gang. I have this very cool Synchomatic that I want to play more on live situations. The Rhythm Chief pick up sounds great but is unreliable on the road... it doesn’t stay in place and I gave it to a friend that just put it on a gorgeous Gibson L4. I’m also thinking about to put a Bigsby B6 on it and I’m whiling to put an old Dynasonic pu on the neck position, or maybe a TV Jones T-Armond. I could go crazy and try some TK Smith pu but I tend to keep things “Gretschy” on it. Suggestions?


Toxo has a lot of experience with this and can probably give you some great advice on what would work and wouldn't be invasive.


CC floater.


Thanks Dave I was going to ask, did you try using archival(for your finish) two-sided foam tape on the back of the DeArmond? I hear that's what a lot of Jazz guys do. On a Hofner I had I built a small brass piece that the end of the rod could slide into and then that was screwed to the fretboard extension with a tiny screw. Solidified the whole unit. The new reissue floating dearmonds mount at the neck like this one. With a bit of backing tape it would be pretty solid. https://www.ebay.com/p/DeAr...

That said a DeArmond Dynasonic type pickup would also look appropriate in that guitar. If it's not a solid top (many looked spruce but were actually 3 ply spruce inside and out) then go for it.


Just curious- are you sure the bracing will allow for a pickup route? I had thought about doing something similar to my L7 and learned it wouldnt work.

As far as solutions, there are plenty of good ones. Pickguard mounted, like a Biltoft CC, or you could use a neck mounted bracket for a Kent Armstrong or a reissue Rhythm Chief. I

Personally, as much as I love bigsbys, they just look sorta outa place on acoustic instruments. If you think a guitar with a Dynasonic and a bigsby would fill a need for you, maybe look for an instrument that has them natively?

Anyway, you can make anything sound great, so don't mind me.


Check with Gasmoney, we put a CC floater on his and it sounds perfect.


The reissue DeArmond floaters sound pretty good, are a whole lot cheaper than the real thing, and come with the neck mounting rod, which is a lot more stable than the long one you have in that pic.


The Kent Armstrong floating single coil is good. I think I might look at TK’s new floater, he’s been working with Whit Smith on it.


Hey guys, sorry about my absence and thanks a lot for all the feedback. Yeah, I decided to try another floating pickup and not risk messing with the top. I’m waiting for TK to update me about this new project. The new Dearmond sounds a good option too. I’ll get back as soon as I have the veredict. Thanks again!

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