6120 with P90s


So, I changed the values to TV Jones' recommended spec but it's still not really doing it for me. I dunno what to do at this point, I might just leave it be for the moment.

Did a little video of me bopping on some Charlie Christian, I think it sounds pretty good!


Wow - you sure make those pickups work for you! They sound great!

I tried some T-90s in my 6120 a while back and they didn't suit me at all, even though I love P90s in Gibsons. It's likely that it's me rather than the pickups - my playing style is very different from yours and I usually use a little dirt. I think Filter'trons need a little dirt to get the best out of them. They can be a bit dull otherwise. So it makes sense that you like the P90s in your 6120 because clean they sound amazing in that guitar. They look pretty cool too.


Wow, that sounds quite nice!


1) I think that sounds great!

2) I have read several people say over the years if they switch pickups to anything other than Filtertrons, the tone switch becomes unusable. It really is great for dulling the strident highs of those pickups, but other pickup types don't have those strident highs, not even Dynas, imo.

I put a tone switch on my Hot Rod, and I love it. It has Setzer Signatures in it. But I too have been wanting P90s on this guitar, and Pete Biltoft of Vintage Vibe recently came out with the perfect solution... (see picture)... I have them, but haven't put them in yet for 2 reasons:

-I don't want to deal with the PITA that is working on a Gretsch. I'm so tired of it. I love the guitar the way it sounds, and it's ALOT of trouble to swap pickups (was actually considering putting in quick-connects to change this)

-I don't want my tone switch to be unusable. I might actually like the guitar even MORE after the swap, but then I have a tone switch I can't use....


Lovely bit of Charlie action there, Tsar. Fab.


It still sounds very Gretsch to me. I would love to have this tone around me!

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