6120 with P90s


Hi guys, long time no see.

I’m swapping the Filtertrons out of my 6120SSLVO for a set of TV Jones T90s as I no longer have any truck with humbucking pickups.

Anyone got any tips or observations? Do you think the tone switch as it is will play nice with the T90s or should I change the values?

Hope everyone’s doing well.


Wow! Hi Nick, that's a nice surprise. You have been the first member I got in touch with here. Seen you with the Mighty Atomics in Dublin and playing with Flogging Molly in my hometown Berlin. Great to see your name appear again.

P90s are my favourite pickups and I have them in several guitars. Pretty sure they will sound great in a 6120. And if you go the full route... dogears look fantastic on a 16" hollow body. Since I don't use the mud switch on my Gretsches I can't help with the cap values, though. What sounds are you after?


Wow! That brings me right back! Great memories.

I do love the look of dogears but frankly I don’t have the balls to screw more holes in the top of the guitar.

Regarding what sound I’m after, early ‘50s Tiny Grimes basically.


So you are planning to go with this? I'd really like to hear that.


Yeah that’s the one Sascha. Slots right in no scary woodworking tools needed.


Hey Nick, long time no see! How have you been doing?
Yes, P90s are always a good idea! Sometimes I wish all my guitars had them....


Tsarnick! Great to see you, sir. I often think of you and wonder how you’re doing. Catch us up a little, can you?

As for the pickup swap, I heartily approve. I have the dual-P90 Streamliner. It’s a centerblock thinline, I know, so not directly comparable - and its P90s surely aren’t as good as TV’s - but for what it’s worth, I love the tone.

And with the T90s in FilterTron form, nothing in your project is irreversible, so full steam ahead. (I’m surprised BZ didn’t answer the wir8mg question.)


Dan, great to hear from you. I’m tip top all things considered. Hope you’re well!

Proteus, do you know I could have said the same thing? In short, I’m happily married and living that suburban lifestyle I railed against in my early twenties.

Still doing a bit of music though, put out a 7” record in the midst of the pandemic with my lobotomised beat group The Pacifics. Kinda like if The Troggs got beaten about the head and face and woke up thinking they were the Beatles.

If that hasn’t put you off you can listen here...

I’m delighted to get all this positive affirmation regarding the P90s. Full steam ahead indeed!

It should get my playing the 6120 a lot more, it’s my only really nice guitar so it’s a shame to have it sitting in its case. Though I do feed it from time to time.


Hi Nick,

Do you still have the Merc? Was just chatting with Ade (Shuie) about GDP history the other week and you and the motor got a mention!

Do you ever hear from Reuben (Pseudoman) ?



Cool to see ya post again Nick!

Funny you mention P-90's in a 6120,there is a DSW with 2 P-90's for sale in Belfast at the moment at JFK Guitars.



P90s are great in the Gretsch configuration. Also Mosrite.


Noggsly! I sold the Merc last year when I was buying a house. I miss it every day but it needed a fair bit of bodywork doing and I didn't have the means to store it let alone fix it so I had to let it go.

I ended up getting a 1985 Merc E class (W123 series) but didn't bond with it and changed it for a slightly more modern 1986 E class (W124 series) but still didn't get along with it so sold that too. I don't really miss having a car, I just miss that big yellow custardmobile. Things are such that I'm looking at getting an electric bike to replace it. Still have a car between the boss and myself but we really don't need two.

Haven't heard from Rueben in a long, long time. Does he still pop by here?

JCHiggy, I saw that on Adverts.ie! It looks class.

I love those Mosrite pickups Knavel, I had never seen them in a Gretsch before. The Ventures Live in Japan is one of my top ten all time records, I've been thinking of getting Curtis Novak Mosritealike pickups to go in my Jazzmaster to get me that sound.


Welcome back! I bought the Mighty Atomics CD from you back in the day. It still comes up in my iPod playlist occasionally.

I can't answer your original question, but P90's are probably my favorite pickup too.


Jeff, glad to hear we're still bothering people after all these years!

Allmodcons, very smart looking, ideal for a black tie gig!

Placed an order for the two T90s yesterday and should have them in about two weeks.


Nick, Reuben hasn’t been around here for a long time. Interesting that you only just sold the Custardmobile. Sometimes it’s a relief to shed those things that become a bit of a liability but sort of form part of your identity. I felt the same when I offloaded my Hillman Superminx. My Dad had a W124 Estate for a while a few years ago, it was that Teal Green colour that they did them in. It had some whacky electrical problems so he didn’t hang on to it for long. Nice car though.


Ah yeah the 124 estates are great cars when they’re right. Bulletproof mostly, my mechanic drove one.

My younger brother has a big black 123 estate.... The Hearse.


I stripped out the guitar parts (as they currently are) from a song I'm working on all done with the modified Gretsch pictured above. Here it is.

-Rhythm Part is a neck position P90 from a ~61 Gibson ES-125 (it came to us with the headstock broken off)

-Chords Part is middle position P90 / 60s Mosrite pickup

-Lead Part is the Mosrite pick up.

Amp is a 1965 Gretsch Playboy with 12'' Jensen and 6973 tubes - overdrive is all from the amp. Zero effects on any of this unless I used the echoplex as a preamp--I can't remember at this point.


A friend of mine has a 6120 with dog-ear P-90s. It’s his main guitar, and it sounds fantastic when he plays it. When I play it I miss my Dynas.

He’s grit, I’m twang.


Our buddy Tavo put dogears on his Hot Rod. I thought, if I ever decide to ditch the Filters, I might just have to go that route:


Pickups arrived yesterday and I’m dropping them off to be fitted on Monday!

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