61 Dynasonic set



No affiliation with Seller This is the first "reasonably" priced set I've seen in a while, expensive by most standards but I've been watching these for a while and this is really not that bad. If I hadn't already found some I'd probably buy theses (Same Seller has its Mate in another auction)


Earlier than 61 is my first thought. I'm always kinda weirded out with sellers ads with this kind of rambling descriptions.


Gretsch stopped using Dynas after '58. Hard to tell from this angle but I think this is the later version small rounded casing for the neck. '61 could be right. The riser looks Gretsch on the outside but not on the inside. This guys had some interesting stuff for reasonable prices and this seems to be a good deal. The post Gretsch DeArmonds (like Guild era) sound almost the same as vintage Dyna's tho many say the later ones are a bit hotter.


Pretty sure the amber bobbins were amongst the earliest versions?


Were amber bobbins before Gretsch? IIRC there were some early versions in clear that were quite beautiful. Just checked my '58 Clipper -- the risers on these are more squared-off than Gretsch, but the casings look right. Doesn't matter; they're still a good deal if working.


Just noticed clear Bobbins--I always thought that Clear Bobbins indicated Pre 1956..


The clear bobbins were early. I'm not sure when the cutoff was, but pre-'56 seems plausible if it's been said elsewhere. Unless they came back in the post-Gretsch era (and I've never seen them in later loose DeArmonds), then this is much earlier than '61.


Seller has a Bacon arch top husk that he says is a '61.


Even though the practice of parting old guitars out is...well...not very cool, I have to admit I've bought the odd item from that seller, his prices are usually not too crazy.


Yeah, the bacon isn't a 61, looks mid 50'sish. I think I've seen this setup on a 54 Electro I had apart once.


He's got a vintage Melita - with the little mute thingy - for $150. That's good these days.


Meltia: I wonder if that's Andrew's old one? Anybody here bidding on it?


He has a nice V cut Bigsby at a fair price too. I hate these parts weasels - until I actually need some vintage parts


Yes nice, but, those are starting bids. Do that seller's items typically sell close to his starting bid?

Anyone A/B a Vintage Dynasonic pickup and one or more of the newer ones by various manufacturers?

I just snagged a Hog Pro Jet and when I get it I may put a Rick pup in the Neck position and thinking about a Dynasonic for the bridge.


Lotsa old threads here A/B-ing the various kinds. General consensus is that the modern Gretsch Dyna, TVJones t'Armond and Duncan Dyna are all comparable to the vintage units to varying degrees. YMMV etc. The Dyna's with the flat backs (2K/200/2000/whatever) sound good but are a different animal, usually with a lower output. Is a hog jet the same as a beater?


LOL.....lx ....by hog jet I meant an older Mahogany Pro Jet. It's a 2010 with the Rick sized humbuckers.

I've seen comparisons between some of the newer Dyna clones but no A/B of an early Dynasonic and a newer clone.


A friend has one of those; he loves the bridge but not the neck pickup. This is the one that the pups are routed into the top? A lot of Becks sound is the hollowness of the old Jets. The hog is a thicker beast; even with a vintage Dyna it will sustain more than decay. You may be one of the first to use a single coil on one.


As to the pickups in question: I don't know how accurate the info is but from what I've read the early Dynasonics had cloth covered wires. When that changed...?


I've never heard of cloth wires. The earliest I've seen are '53-4.


I haven't done too much exploration but I did pop the two covers off the back to take a look. It looks like the body has more routing than a previous Pro Jet I had. The body looks like Mahogany inside, but I'm no expert, and the top appears to be Maple.

This guitar is about 2.5lbs lighter than the other Pro Jet I had which I mounted 2 Rick pups in (no mods required to the body) and sounded very good. The down side was that it was an easy 10lb guitar and I didn't like the weight. This new one is closer to 7.5lbs and a lot more manageable.


I've mentioned the cloth wire thing several times, so maybe that was me. What I'm talking about is the tiny wire that comes out of the bobbin attaching the coil to the lead on that harness thingamabob. Outined in red here:

On every known original DeArmond I've seen in a vintage Gretsch, this little wire is covered in white cloth, while on known later ones and most loose vintage DeArmonds of unknown age I've seen, it is covered in plastic, white, green or red. I don't know when that change happened, but IMO, if you want a true Gretsch-era DeArmond, look for that tiny cloth covered wire.


Here's a newer one showing the plastic wire, both green and red.


The original pups mentioned by the OP are up for sale again so I contacted the seller and asked if the adjustment screws turned and if the poles moved up and down.

Here's the response I received : "Hi, we don't wish to try moving them at risk of damaging the poles or the coil ". At $249.99 + $4.77 shipping that's enough for me to stay away !


Just going to add in some shameless self-promotion here — I have a set of '60s dynas I'd be happy to move, each for that price or even a little lower. The metal surrounds are not rectangular, however... these dynas appeared on a Kustom guitar.

Very nice pups, very full-sounding and rich. The pic here is not my pickup, but the same type, showing the trapezoid-shaped surround.

PM me for actual pics and details.


The DeArmond from my 1953 Roundup. Other pics (bit crappy sorry) below. Looks like there's the little white cloth wire I've never noticed before.

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