3 filtertrons HS, Homemade, Blacktop


Having handwound a filtertron pickup from a kit a while back and also having recently heard that the new Blacktop filtertrons actually have alnico magnets. i thought I'd have a bit of forensic fun. Apologies if this is commonplace knowledge.

All three pickups seem to have shiny alnico magnets. The HS filtertron has a 1/4" and the others are 1/8" thick Basic construction is very similar with the kit being almost identical to the HS though admittedly I used medical tape to wrap the windings and leather strips to support the sides of the coils. The BF coils are slightly taller. They all measure about the same. I'm betting the magnet size difference will be the biggest one between these pickups, I haven't tried them back to back though I'm sure others have. I'm actually kind of partial to the blackface ones though I've never tried the HS ones.


The Blacktops on my Projet have way more output than the TVClassics in my 6120.


This IS interesting! Thanks for clearing up.


Oh I lie For some reason the HS bridge and BF Bridge both measure at about 5K ( I can only measure DC resistance) which annoys me because the nice sound blacktops I put in my Yamaha measure at 4.3k each....Time to stop fussing with pickups and play guitar!!


Haha I didn't want to cut the solder on the TV Jones classic covers as I might sell them.


I think HS Filtertrons are way underrated.

I find them way more versatile for music other than greasy rock-a-billy twang.

Stuff like pop, jazz, classic rock....

I sometimes de-wax them with a hair dryer to make them sound more vintage.


I hope you wax-potted them Toxophilite so you can try the magic hair dryer trick!

I kid I kid

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