12 String Pickups - Classic vs Supertron


In my experience Magnatrons are bright pickups. Sort of like Dynasonics because of those magnetic polepieces. I only ever used them in the neck position for that reason. On a 12 they might be too tinny sounding especially at the bridge. With a 12 string it's really all about enhancing the bass response...not the treble. For example when you play an E chord, you've got three strings playing that same high E, two are playing the mid E...and one is playing a bass E.

It's bad enough that this situation requires half of your strings to be dedicated to only one third of the triad (instead of each note of the triad dedicated to 1/3 of the strings)...the other issue is that of those 6 E strings ringing out...HALF are the high E, 1/3 are the middle, and 1/6 is the low E...So you can see how a 12 string is unbalanced toward the high notes. Compound that with the fact that the strings overall are thinner to accommodate the extra string tension...and it becomes apparent that it's all about enhancing the bass response.


So I've been digesting all the information you guys posted here - Thanks, I've learned a lot!

My son & I were kind of zeroing in on the Classic. We watched a lot of youtube clips, and this one stood out - Ray Butts:

I really like what I would call the refinement and delicacy. My son really liked the tone.

Also looked at the Setzers. This was just posted last night, comparing the Setzers to my Blacktops!

I can see why some say the bridge has a bit of a lower mid hump, so these are out.

So I talked to Shawn at TV Jones, and as mentioned here previously, the Ray Butts wont fit without cutting my guitar or my pickups - not an option. Shawn did say that a pair of Unpotted Classics will get me very close. So as of today Unpotted Classics are the plan. Unless I change my mind again...


Hi Sensitivity Filtertrons are great pickups too. I love them after using the hair dryer trick to remove the wax. Very vintage.

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