Well, I’m on the list for a KoT


I must be insane. I put my name on the list for the Analog Man King of Tone. It would appear to be roughly a 3-year wait.

But, everyone gushes over just how great an overdrive pedal it is. And 3 years will go by like nuthin', right?

I figure by that time, I'll be sick of my True Tone Route 66 (although I keep re-discovering how great and versatile it is), my Tumnus Deluxe and my Blues Driver, and I'll want something new.


Hah! I’ve been waiting since Nov ‘17.

By the time I get mine, my life won’t even need changing any more.


I had one way back when they first came out. I couldn't believe the hype! It's a nice OD but nothing we haven't heard a gazillion times before. The best thing about pedals like the KoT is that you at least get your money back. If you like the sound then that's a bonus.


Same. I had the real thing ten years ago. It was alright, but not worth the price or the wait. Just not my style for overdrive. Too smooth, not enough grit. Years later I second guessed myself and built a clone, still didn't like it. The friend I gave it to seems to like it well enough.

Try any other Bluesbreaker pedal and make sure it's right for you before putting all your hopes on an overhyped overdrive. I'd recommend the Snouse, but there's plenty of other great overdrives that don't take 3 years or $300.

In the future, if I'm going to have two overdrives in one box, I'd prefer if they're not both the same, and at least one should have a bass control.


Hah! I’ve been waiting since Nov ‘17.

By the time I get mine, my life won’t even need changing any more.

– Proteus

just hope you won't be sportin' adult diapers that will :)


Damn, you could get a new Rickenbacker quicker than that.


I owned one, about 10 years ago? It's a great double OD, one of the best. And when it first came out, it was one of VERY FEW overdrives that had 2 independent, stackable, overdrives in 1 box. That's common now, but it wasn't back then. I'm just not really a Marshall Bluesbreaker (the overdrive it's based on) guy, or at least I wasn't back then. Ended up selling it for a profit. I'm surprised the wait is still that long. There are several clones out there now, being sold on eBay. (I'm not endorsing or criticizing clones; only saying that because there ARE clones now, I'm surprised the waitlist is still that long).


If I wanted a KoT I would either build my own or try a Snouse. As it is I have two OD circuits which I have seriously modified myself and like enough to put them both in one box. I call one of them The G because it was based on the BJF Model G and the other is The Gringo which is based on but sounds nothing like a Tubescreamer. Both are so modified as to sound little like the originals and in pedal world i believe this qualifies them as original designs.

Both have vol, gain, bass, treble. I like the Gringo for a Gretsch and the G for a Gibson. Having both in one box lets me avoid switching pedals around all the time.


Are those regular hifi stye knobs mounted on the switches? Great idea!


Very clean veros Jimmy! Got any recordings?


Very nice work Jimmy!


Damn, you could get a new Rickenbacker quicker than that.

– Twom

I already have one.


Thanks for the comments guys - I love making things! Noggsly I wish I could say that those big knobs on the buttons are Hi-fi style knobs but no, they are purpose built for stomp switches. I got them from Tayda, a Thai electronics website which has crazy good prices on things like, well, electronics. They're a staple for the pedal-building community.

FWIW I have tried various things on the footswitch buttons but they usually don't fit very well. These ones fit perfectly and aren't too exxy. I really like using them over the stompswitch LED rings. They almost look like concealed lighting from above!

I don't have any recordings... Hmmm... I'll have to work on that.



– JimmyR

Nicely done, Jimmy, you do neat work. I really like your design, and I think it may qualify as a new original design!


The effect of the wide switch tops and the LEDs is pretty cool. I'd not seen those ring LED switches before (I'm not a huge pedal connoisseur). Great idea.


I've had one...sold it for about $200 more than I paid for it after having it sit pretty much unused on my pedal board for a loooooooooonnnnnnnggggggg time.

(Not that it's not a good pedal...all my pedals are pretty much "unused"

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