Reverb lists the top pedals of 2020.


For pedal nuts, interesting to look over. I don't know how I managed to buy somewhere around 70 pedals this year (so far, but I think I'd pretty done) without getting a single one from the top 15 overall.

I did get 4 of the top 15 NEW-FOR-2020 list.

Pretty surprised to see ALL 4 of JHS's Legends of Fuzz reissue series made the list (making Boss's decision to do a Tone Bender clone seem obvious).

Also, I'm on the verge of crying foul that the EQD Sunn 0))) multi-dirt comes in at Top New 2020 Pedal. The copy doesn't specify whether the rankings are by unit count or dollar - but as the Sunn 0))) (in both its versions) was a limited edition pedal, it's hard to see how it could out-volume everything else on the list in either units or dollars.

But it's certainly selling for Stupid Money now:

Given those prices - and what happened with the recent Pedal Movie exclusive collaborations / limited releases (the CBA/ZVex Bliss Factory and EQD/DbA Time Shadows) - it seems the secret to big pedal bucks is perceived rarity. Even if that rarity is artificially manufactured (or, more precisely, purposely NOT manufactured) from the git-go. Are we really falling for Beanie Baby marketing?

If we buyers don't smart up, every pedal will be touted as a limited release.

• It's probably no surprise that the top 2 pedal companies, both used and new (though the order switches) are EHX and Boss. MXR isn't far down the list. If you suddenly woke up from the 70s and saw that, you wouldn't be a bit surprised.

• Josh Scott must be pleased; JHS places 3rd for new pedal sales volume, behind EXH and Boss. Pretty impressive.

• More people buy JHS pedals new (putting JoshCo in 3rd place) than sell JHS pedals used (8th place). Strymon also sells more new (7th place) than used (9th place), both results suggesting to me that players tend to keep their JHS and Strymon boxes rather than sell them.

• Kudos to Walrus, Chase Bliss, and Mooer, who place on the new sales list - but not at all on the used list. They must be as well loved and proudly kept as JHS and Strymon.

• TC Electronic and Earthquaker are equally popular both new and used (4th and 6th place, respectively, on both lists).

• Pity Digitech and Keeley, though, who place in the used-volume list (5th and 7th respectively) - but don't even show up in the top 10 for new pedal volume.


Is Digitech still running AC v the rest of the world”s 9VDC? That itself keeps me from buying anymore of they stuff.

Edit: I checked their site and the current pedals are 9VDC.

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