Pedal Crush Book


I'm about halfway through this. I'm finding it a bit of a slog, it turns out I'm not as interested in the subject as I thought.

It's almost like a catalogue in layout, very much like some of the Long & McQuade catalogues that have a few articles, interviews and guides interspersed among their pages.

Sweetwater could brand it and sell it at a discount.

What I like the most, and I think @Proteus would enjoy, are the tips on how to use or misuse effects which I would try if I had some of these pedals.

"Sidechain Expansion...try placing a loop pedal in the send and return of a noise gate."

And some of the pedal descriptions, which are mostly about differentiating products, give you ideas on how you could try combining pedals. A lot of pedals take one effect and another and run them in parallel or modulate them in some way.

This book is the third in a series, the others are on modular synthesis and synths [or something].

It's not on Amazon, my sister sent me a copy from a music store online. Sweetwater has it.

[very descriptive pictures here]

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