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Just picked Analog Alien Rumble Seat and so far really like it. So far, do I need another Delay, No. Do I need another Reverb, maybe not. Do I need another drive, if it's this one I do. I like the ease of use and the effects and it's quiet. Besides, how could I pass up a pedal with a little Hogman as a logo.


I'm very close to getting one of these, also for ease of use. Those are the only three effects I ever use, so having them in one pedal makes this very tempting.


I have one, works great for me.

I had to return it last year as the volume drop when engaging the Drive, was way too noticeable. It was returned back to me in perfect working condition, I had to pay the shipping fees back and forth though. But it is a pedal I use the most so I didnt complain ,,well except to myself.


Firstly, sorry I didn't get back to you as I don't visit this site as much as I used to and probabley missed your post. To answer question,

I really like it. The three effects are ones that I use most of the time so it's convenient to have them all in one pedal. I really like the Rumble Drive. It sound great with my 6120T with the filters and it's easy to dial in. I'm just a hobby musician so ease of use and volume control in at the top of the list for me. I have a Fender CVR that been modded so you have to crank it to get any breakup. To me it sounds really good. Maybe because the circuit "simulates" a Marshall 69 Plexi amp. Note I have no idea what the original sould like. I have a couple of drive pedals but I was never able to find one that sounds good with the Gretsch, and at a reasonable cost.

The Delay works fine. Three basic knobs, simple. I did compare it to my Deco and Elcap, and I found that the Strymons had more clarity, and more tonal options. Every so often I get into Ambient music and I would prefer the ELCap. But again the Rumple Seat is definitely usable for me.

The reverb I found to be pedestrian. I use a little reverb all the time and it does the job for me. When it's on full (surf) there is some type of modulation that kicks in. Chorus, phaser something like that. It's suppose to be voiced like a Blackface reverb, to me my CVR sould better. Again, 65 Blackface?

The power source comes from a Spot One adapter, is included. When the modules are activated you will know it. The indicator lighst are Bright. I just put a strip of masking tape to reduce glare.

What I later found out is that AA has a mod that enables you to seperate the time based modules form the drive channel so yu can have the drive at the front on the amp and the other through the effects loop. Don't know how much at would cost but It's not something I would use.

I bought this last summer for $200 CND and I've never regretted it.

Hope this helps.

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