NPD Nocturne Atomic Brain


Loving my new Nocturne Atomic Brain, thank you Tavo- it’s exactly what i was looking for.

I might add that i use a Bassman (Allen Hot Blond) but it is magic with my VOX AC30, which is really awesome. Like a “wonder bra” it seems to “lift and separate”


Room for both the Hotcake and Atomic Brain, on my board for now. The Atomic Brain sounds better than the Hotcake with the Bassman, the Hotcake and Atomic Brain are both stellar with the AC30. Different but equal. The Brain sings the Hotcake cuts.

Killer pedal.


Some righteous lookin board -- and this from someone who uses 1 pedal. Isn't the RAT some 90s fuzz that caught on? I remember hearding about them back then.


The RAT Will never be replaced 1988 Woodcutter RAT 2.

hard to explain, it just works with my AC30


RATs rule!

I get almost everything I want out of it.

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