NPD I finally Decided on a reverb pedal


After reading recent posts on different types of reverb pedals, finally decided and got it done. Just got the Ventris and I'm having too much fun with it. (Can't wait to go throught the manual)


I've got their Nemesis delay- it's incredible. I'm sure the Ventris will not disappoint.


I have the Collider, which shares some of the sounds with the Ventris I believe. It's excellent, although I have felt the need to tweak the sound more than I ever did with my Strymon Flint. The Flint is so easy - set it to plate reverb and that's about it. With the Collider I feel like I need to take some of the edge off or something - maybe I'm just used to the Flint.

But the Collider staying on my board! I love having reverb and delay in the same box.


The Collider was on the radar for sure but I really didn't need another delay unit. Did I want this one? for sure but I thought that the Ventris would be more practical for me. Source Audio sure makes a good product. Built like a tank and I like the Neuro App to dial in extra features.

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