NPD - Danelectro “The Breakdown” and ART A/B-Y CoolSwitch Pro splitter


Picked up a couple of used pedals at the Long & McQuade Attic sale (held online this year, due to you-know-what). Had my eye on a few OD pedals, including the EHX Soul Food, but someone snagged them first.

But I did get this Danelectro "The Breakdown" which is quite cool. Apparently it's based on an old Univox UD-50 Uni-Drive circuit, that Jimmy Page used on the first Zep album, and others, like Jeff Beck, also used.

The chassis is very cool, distressed and solid as a tank. Simple controls: volume and 6 OD settings that go from a gentle warm boost (adding a bit of treble, I think), to quite hairy OD. It sounds great, but truth be told, A/B-ing it with my Boss Bluesdriver, they don't really sound all that different. I may end up using the BD as a boost.

And speaking of A/B, I also picked up the ART CoolSwitchPro A/B-Y splitter. Though not as sexy, it's quite practical. I plan to get a Tone Master DR soon, so I though it would be nice to be able to run that and my Blues Jr together, or separate, experimenting with wet/dry or effects/straight or clean/dirty configurations. Hadn't even occurred to me that you can also use it to switch between an amp's 2 channels.


cool combo...sounds like you have it near all thought out

luck & enjoy



I take back what I said about the Breakdown sounding pretty much the same as the Bluesdriver BD-2. After some more messing around, I'd say The Breakdown in its highest setting (#6) has a little more of that almost-fuzz note-bloom thing. It's a slightly more sharper, gravellier kind of breakup, whereas the BD is more tube-like, I suppose.

I think the BD sounds better for that Strat-like, slightly hairy neck pick-up sound (which I can get on my Casino), so maybe I'll reserve it for that kind of usage.


Those new Dano pedals are killer. I have their new Mostortion clone ("the Roebuck"), and love it.


that looks like a very useful ABY that's less dear than Lehle switches. sorry, since when i go loopy i use two loopers with a Ernie Ball A/B pan pedal to fade between them, the output to amp/interface absolutely depends upon a solid, quiet, dependable ABY with transformer isolation, which i do not have.


solid, quiet, dependable ABY with transformer isolation

Radial Big Shot AB/Y


One knock against the ART switcher: It would be nice if it had an LED light to show which side is chosen in the A/B mode.

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