NPBD - First Pedalboard Build…Sort Of…


Well, sort of if you count my two Boss BCB-60 boards (one guitar board, one current bass board) that were simple daisy chain configurations.

This is my first true build on a Warwick RockBoard Cinque 5.2. This board is for home use and YouTube Demos and the occasional outing in the future. This is my Everything and the Kitchen Sink board to include all but one of my pedals. The one pedal I'm not including is my Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor. I never use it nor have need of it at this point.

You'll see among my pedals I have more reverb pedals than anyone really needs (4), two delay pedals, two overdrive pedals, and two fuzz pedals. The reason for this is that I plan to make some comparison demos of these pedals. Once that's all done, I'll likely remove any redundant pedals. Some I may keep on for layering, shoe-gazy stuff.

Top Row: Fulltone Octafuzz, Fender The Pelt (fuzz), Fender Pugilist Distortion, Fender Santa Ana Overdrive, Fulltone OCD, and Boss Chromatic Tuner TU-3

Middle Row: electro-harmonix Oceans 11 Reverb, MXR Carbon Copy analog delay, Fender Mirror Image Delay, Tokai Flanger TF-1 (a pedal I bought in London back in '84 while on a college trip to the UK), Boss Equalizer GE-7, and Fender The Bends (compression).

Bottom Row: DigiTech Trio + Band Creator & Looper, Xotic EP Booster, Boss Digital Reverb RV-5, Boss '63 Fender Reverb FRV-1, and Fender Marine Layer Reverb.

Apologies for the toes...

We have power, Cap'n!

Front view

Disappointingly, the RockBoard Mod 1 patchbay's power outlet was not compatible with my Truetone 1 SPOT Pro CS12 Isolated Pedalboard Power Supply power cord.

Credit to Tim (Proteus) for mentioning one of his power supply solutions. Otherwise, the jack inputs work great for guitar and amp.

Under the hood...

Likely not as tidy as some would prefer - hopefully, with more experience in building more boards down the road, I'll get better. Future boards will definitely be smaller. My power solution was to use 3M Dual Lock to affix a surge protector power strip.

I dual locked the Truetone 1 SPOT Pro CS12 Isolated Pedalboard Power Supply under the board. I utilized all the various 9V ports.

I also dual locked the the Warwick RockBoard ISO Power Block V10. The photo doesn't show it very well, but I utilized the four 9V ports on the left side of the ISO Power Block V10, one 9V port on the right side, and both 18V ports on the top side.

Topside, I have on order some 3ft D'Addario right angle cables for connections that require going from one pedal on one side of the board to connect to the next row's pedal on the opposite side. (More on this later).

Impatient as I am, I headed over to my recently re-opened local music gear shop to see if they had 3ft right angle cables but all they had were some D'Addario 5ft straight angle cables - not ideal, but I really wanted to test this beastie out today.

Preferring to keep things consistent, I'm expecting delivery on Monday for more Hosa 6" Low Profile Guitar 1/4" Right Angle Patch Cables Cords. I only need to replace a couple of standard-sized patch cables.

Lessons Learned

  1. Putting this board together in the wee hours of the night was not a great idea, despite my determination. I made what can only be described as a rookie mistake. I basically had the middle row in the wrong order and I had to reverse the order to get a full signal path from the guitar to the amp. Luckily, most of these pedals require 9v ports, so it didn't take long to sort.

  2. Maybe don't have the first board to build to be so massive. 17 pedals altogether and boy, this beastie got heavier as the evening wore on. I think it must weigh somewhere between 35 - 45 pounds. Alleve was utilized throughout the day today. Next board will be much smaller.

Final Thoughts

  • I'm likely going to move all the Fender pedals to a smaller board. This will create the need to find a decent Distortion pedal and Compression pedal.

  • Sorely missing is a Tremolo pedal. I'm going to get a Strymon Flint in a month or so.

  • If I ever have to transport the pedal, I don't think the soft case it came with will reliably hold all this weight. I may have to invest in one of the heavy duty hard shell cases.

  • This has been a challenging, interesting, tedious at times, fun, and overall worthwhile experience. I learned a lot and I consider the effort a success.

Now I can get back to having fun playing music and working on various gear demos.

I do hope that minor power outage in the house was just a coinkydink when I had all pedals on for funsies.

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