NABPD: A Boost from Amazon


I got a very similar looking "boost" mini pedal off Ebay once, labeled "Koko boost". It doesn't do unity gain, and even at minimum settings it's a lot louder than is practical for me from a boost pedal.

Yes, that's the same one. It's a good crunchy overdrive, but not practical as a boost. Big volume jump at minimum. And without master volume, you can't get its complete range of dirt without also getting louder.

Still, it sounds good.

– Proteus

I don't remember - I got it because I needed a clean boost for my mini-airtravel board because that needed a clean boost, and it didn't work for that. (wow, gigging and flying to a gig seems like a very distant memory right now!)

So I was frustrated for a minute, then I shrugged because I paid $17 for it IIRC, and I don't remember what happened to it - I might have given it to my drummer's kid.


And what did you land on for a clean boost?


A Snouse black box mini set to "almost clean"

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