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On a day marked by clashes of Titans, replete with the flailing about of giants and dinosaurs, Amazon joins in with a new technology proving it's serious about the guitar business.

I've often fantasized about voice control of effects and settings, being able to mumble as I play into a mini-mic stick worn close to the mouth and tell which pedals to turn off and on, and how to tweak their own settings.

This isn't that, quite, but it seems a step closer.


What in tarnation


Alexa, gimme some fuzz


"Google, play 'God Hates Us All' by Slayer."


I couldn't find the Talent function. I ain't buyin' no silicon operated gizzmo without a Talent function.


Alexa, gimme some fuzz

– Otter

Which fuzz would you like, Dave?


That is crazy stuff. Tim, will be purchasing/reviewing?


Is this their idea of cheaper version of the Spark amp?

What the hell is that eerie blue light in the back?


Must be vintage,finally found out what it is. Link


Seems like an interesting 1st gen. product. There's a well written Vine review of it by RedsoxJiminator I've copied below:

"When I saw this “thingamagig” (clever name) I thought to myself...”cool...a multi-effects unit with backing track capabilities that uses the Alexia voice system”! I always thought that Alexia could somehow be incorporated into a device like this and found that it could. However, after a few days with this, I wonder if it “should”? The device itself is a simple small plastic box shaped like a amp head (again clever) with a single 3/4 instrument jack input and a 3/4 stereo output. There is a small USB input on the back (more on that later) and a supplied power supply, a USB thumb drive, along with some basic setup instructions. You need to have a Alexia device (Echo Show) to use this and it’s not included of course. Set up is pretty easy, just be aware that the info already installed on the included thumb drive needs to be edited for your particular wi-fi SSID and password. You must use a text editor in your Windows or Mac computer to edit and save the file back to the thumb drive and then use that newly edited file and thumb drive to boot up your thingamagig. The thumb drive “barely” fits into the slot on the back of the unit, so you may struggle trying to get it in there....keep trying. Be sure to also have the output of the thingamagig set up prior, as it will give you “voice prompts” as you set it up that you will not hear if you don’t have the output going to something. Anyway, once set up you need to download the thingamagig Alexia skill to your Alexia app. You can then launch the program by asking Alexia to “open thingamagig”. The program itself is ok...a bit confusing at first, but it works. You have different amps you can choose, effects and such like most guitar modeling pedals to, but in this case you can select by touch screen on your Echo Show or by voice command via Alexa. Initially I thought this would be pretty cool, but in use I found it distracting. A couple of the issues I just didn’t like was that the included backing tracks (the free included bass/drum backing) seem to only play via your Echo Show, so unless you have the sound of that unit running to your mixer and through your PA or powered speaker, the sound is less than stellar. Then you have to mix your guitar volume coming from the thingamagig to try and match it.... There is a little “wheel” volume control on the top of the unit... The other issue I didn’t like (and didn’t realize until after reading the fine print) is that the other backing track function with scrolling lyrics that’s called “AutoRoadie” only functions for playback with a paid subscription. To fully use this unit, I went ahead and signed up for the 30 days free. There is a pretty good selection of songs, but again not what I was expecting. The tracks are pretty well recorded, but are like a “bad karaoke bar” version. Sorry...they are just not very good, and especially when you have to pay a $5.00 per month subscription fee, they are just not worth it in my opinion. I really wanted to like this, but really, asking Alexia to change this, and change that just really got annoying quickly. Much easier to just tap a stomp button to add reverb then go through all that, and then having Alexia respond (loudly I might add) for every command. Yes, I know you can shut off the voice response on Alexia, but you still have the “pause” while it changes. I think it’s a interesting idea, that is just not quite ready for prime time. Some of you may enjoy it, but I just found it cumbersome and not very “user friendly” as a practice tool. Much easier to just use your phone or tablet to playback some backing tracks from YouTube (or your Echo Show) and just use your guitar like normal, through your favorite amp, modeler, computer interface or what have you. If you are looking for a small, fully integrated practice package I would invest a bit more money and get something like the Spark amp."


I know I would get annoyed by talking to Alexa for everything. Thanks for adding that review.


you just know that if you use this thing, your sidebars are going to fill up with ads for crappy pedals from Amazon, right?


"i'm sorry, but i don't have a Shin-Ei Companion fuzz. perhaps you might enjoy our $28 Noob Screamer."


I just feel sorry for those folks who monitor the Alexa voice prompts and have to listen to what I'm sure sounds like a Guitar Center noodle-fest for hours on end.


that's funny right there, i don't care who you are.

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