Just another Tube Screamer…


Thanks for that heads-up. It indeed sounds gorgeous - and does bunches of stuff. I'm rather over-ringmodded, but it took me about 20 seconds to put myself on that list.

Just got the Iron Ether Arcing Prisms last week, another extended ring mod (but extended in a different way). Great pedal, packed with entertainment value, and ought to keep me amused till I can catch a Feber.


I'd have alot more fun spending that money on cocaine and hookers.


or a lifetime supply of cheeseburgers. it wouldn't cost that much because i'm hella old.


Haha! Thanks Sascha! I delighted you like it. Cost more to post than to build.

I wish you lived a lot closer - I have a new pedal which is based on another pedal which is based on another pedal... Anyway I have modified it so much (with help of a guy who designs satellite PCBs) that it's now completely it's own thing. And it has become my new favourite OD pedal. If you pop by I can lend you one!


My 2 cents. At the end of the day, the seller is doing what I, and most people would do when they have an item of rarity, is put it out there well above its value and maybe someone will bite, or make an offer. Nothing to loose right? How he came up with the number, who knows. He knows it's not worth it.


" Some folks call us the Louvre of vintage effect pedals, but others would prefer the Versailles of Vintage Effect Pedals ruled by Miss Domina XXL the XIV" in the shop's description has me concerned about this particular pedal's past, I usually dont care, but somehow this reminds me of The Gimp scene in Pulp Fiction. Not sure goo gone would do the trick.


Finally, a viable replacement for the gold standard!


Actually more like 517. But it's not all pedals. There are guitars and amps and tape decks and rack stuff too - and there's still room for a desk, a couch, several chairs, and me.

Also, with a very few exceptions, the pedals aren't collectable - they're just ... well, I hesitate to say tools. But means to an end. Not kept for their own sake or value. If I fall out of like with one for making music, I send it away to fund something new I hope to have more fun with.

Just saying I don't have a completist fetish about anything in the pedal domain, or lust after something just because it's rare, valuable, or coveted by others. I'll let Josh Scott, Dan, and Mick build pedal museums.

– Proteus

You obviously have not sat w an entire collection of ibanez 9 pedals, only to realize there is nothing missing in your life anymore


That's certainly true. I never cared about any Ibanez pedal, though I once liked a Maxon compressor.


Once? After 10 years of using my dbx based CP9 Pro, I still find it an astounding little compressor. Studio sound with stage convenience. I'm also quite fond of their 9 series chorus and overdrive pedals. Okay, I'll duck now...


No, I liked it for a long time. I still like it. I just don't like it as much as...a number of others. I know it's your favorite, and I respect that. I understand the position. It is studio/ish sound in a stage box.

Assuming by studio, you mean superbly competent, unobtrusive, sonically enhancing, and artifact-free. But if by "studio" you mean widely versatile across a wider range of effects compressors can also provide (some much more obvious), not so much.

It's in my compressor hall of fame, though. If I get completist about that set, I'll have to get another one.

Maybe I should have said I've never cared about any Ibanez-logoed pedal. (Lest that be controversial, it's not a policy or even a predjudice, just an observation gleaned the happenstance conditions of my pedal experience.)


Just pulling your leg a little Protey. I know you love your pedal collecting/regrouping/re-thinking/retiring/re-retro/re-routing/reviewing. In fact I always enjoy your own joy in bringing a new box to our attention. BTW, since we're on the subject again what IS your all time favorite compressor, or does it change depending on the tone your going for on a given day?

Also, have you tried the Vertex Steel String yet? It's not a comp (though it has some comp-like ability), but it definitely qualifies as another secret weapon tone shaper. It would be the one pedal I'd have to take with me in the event of world cataclysm...

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