Fulltone Ranger - incoming


"Because I read your tone as consistently dismissive of anything that doesn't have your seal of approval"

You are correct- YOU are reading into it. And why do you care what I think anyway? I mean, if someone doesn't like a piece of gear that I like, I don't care. It doesn't affect how I feel about it. Viva la difference! I don't care that some people still refuse to play a solid state amp, Iove my Roland, and that's all that matters. They can love or not love whatever they wish. I never said modeling- or your "magic box" was bad... and I'll repeat myself again- just that I do not like modeled dirt (we WERE talking about boosters and fuzzes), and that I would like a box with real (analog) fuzz circuits in it. When you mentioned your modeler box, I said no- I'm talking about the real circuits. That's it. YOU are the one reading into things...

"Then, logically, these sentences could be re-ordered to explain your objections."

I did explain. Several times. I don't like modeled dirt. I've owned it. I don't like it.

And theres no need to > "soften my resistance", I play digital delays, digital harmonizers, and a solid state amplifier. I'm simply not a fan of digital/modeled dirt, and I'm no longer a fan of machines that claim to "do it all". I like simple. You like what you like, and I like what I like. While I get we are all here to have discussions and throw ideas around, if someone were to tell me my Roland "wasn't good" or something, it's their loss. And they don't have to like it, because I love it. And their not liking it doesn't have any affect on my feelings for it.

Everyone here can be "dismissive", especially when we have tried things and have experiences with them. I can't count the times Walter has been, especially to new technology. Doesn't bother me one bit. He don't like it. He don't want to like it. That's ok. He's happy playing what he's playing, and that's all that matters. You dig your little silver modeler box, and that's great- don't pay any attention to whether or not I dig it, it's irrelevant. You've found something you enjoy, good for you. Joy is what we all are searching for with this music thing.


I will probably end up buying a Ranger someday, but I'll probably keep my eye on the used market... they aren't cheap, even the regular CS models. Not saying it's overpriced, but Fuller makes great stuff, and the brand does carry a certain cache'.

But the Ranger is the perfect way to see "what is this treble boost stuff all about anyway?" Because you've got so many of those right at your feet... it was a great idea, and the box is uber-cool.

Still waiting for someone (one of the famous youtube guys) to do a proper demo....


Me too, the demo's Mike did are kind of lame.

btw: there is a Rangemaster patch on the XTomp modeled after the original 60's big box unit. Should make for an interesting comparison.


Me too, the demo's Mike did are kind of lame.

btw: there is a Rangemaster patch on the XTomp modeled after the original 60's big box unit. Should make for an interesting comparison.

– BirdsNBats

Definitely check back in with that!


Should have my Ranger on Wednesday, will report back.


Dang that sounds nice! I believe that’s the sound I’ve been chasing. I kinda get there with my Vox cranked and my wah pedal stationary at about mid way. I’m sure I would find one setting and stick with it, but it would be nice to have the choice.... and I like the idea of the rotary switch vs a pot, my toes always seem to mess with my settings without my knowledge.


I hate when my toes do stuff without my knowledge. Keep an eye on them.


Simply put: this is the Best pedal I have ever bought for Gretsch guitars. The Mid setting is absolutely amazing, the (2) treble booster settings are perfect . Im selling my Swart Atomic Boost (a favorite) and my fuzz after purchasing this. This pedal is such a keeper. Noise free, unbelievably cool. (highly recommended). Stoked!


Honeymoon much?

– Proteus

Yes, and This is a keeper. Bottom line: if you want a treble or mid boost that cuts, this is the ticket.


Well... This may be one I have to check out. I admit to having a fairly low hit-rate with Fulltone pedals. Can't stand the Fulldrive or OCD and was extremely disappointed with the Fat Boost and Mas Malo. Didn't mind the Supa Trem but it was too big. And his customer "service" is infamous.

But all of that is irrelevant if this new pedal is good. I love a good treble booster.

(edit) Just saw the price. Pass!

Sorry if my comments seem harsh, OP. I hope you enjoy the hell outa your new pedal. I'm just old and bitter!


BnB, I'm glad you like it - but I can't imagine any booster that will replace a fuzz like the Spooky Tooth!


Well, the Ranger definitely won't replace a Spooky Tooth - totally different beast but I don't use a big, bold fuzz like that very much and I am lacking real estate on my board now with the XTOMP incoming and a new Polara Reverb. I may keep the Swart Atomic Boost as well. The Swart has a very sweet tone - possibly sweeter than the Ranger - more germanium fuzz-like (upon first listen) but it only sounds good with the toggle to the right, in the Treble boost mode (not the full boost - way too dark and muddy to my ears). I will need more time with both to decide.

All the same, the Ranger is a very solid pedal and isn't going anywhere. Fulltone does make some excellent gear and this is no exception. I don't bond with all his stuff either but this is a good one.

I was surprised that the MId setting would be so good without any fiddling. A couple of the settings on the Ranger are a bit too shrill but that can be dialed back with the Volume knob on the guitar, it's very responsive that way so there are actually lots of very different tones in this thing.


It is spendy. But I think I want one. Still waiting for a decent video demo.....


After a few more hours with the Ranger -

Definitely not a typical Treble Boost. It doesn't have the same fuzz-type artifacts as a true treble booster, in this regard it may not appeal to everyone. The Treble 1 and 2 and "Highest" settings are almost over the top bass and lower-mid cuts - best tamed with volume knob on the guitar otherwise way to shrill. The Mid and Lower-mid boosts are closer to a true treble boost and maintain more of the guitar's voice while still emphasizing the highs and cutting the lower frequencies.

I like what it does to my Jet w/ Broad'trons especially as it compensates for the muddy neck pickup by bringing forward the lower mids and cutting the bass. I was going to consider swapping the pickups in that guitar but I think this pedal really helps make the Broad'trons sound their best.

The DeArmond Duo Jet is pretty bright as it is and the Ranger tends to cut too much out of the signal in the Treble 1 and 2 settings, it sounds better with the Lower-mid boost.

In short, it's more of a swiss army knife than a true treble boost and works more like an equalizer on steroids.

I think I'll hold onto my Swart Atomic Boost for awhile and may even keep both that and the Ranger on my board, two-treble boosters, why the hell not?


What pickups are in your Jet? I've never been a fan of how Filtertrons handle dirt of any kind, in my experiences. While I do love the dirty tones Setzer and Pigat get, I've never been happy with the dirty tones I have gotten with Filtertrons of any stripe.


In My 6228 P.E. I have Broad'trons and my '53 Vintage Select Duo-Jet TV Jones De'Armonds.

The Broad'trons sound great with dirt but not as great clean. all power, little definition (except for the bridge p/up which is really good - bright and punchy and articulate, much brighter than a typical filteron bridge p/up), the neck is also powerful but rather muddy. Together they are ok but with dirt, they really do sound very good for stock pickups. I wish the Neck Broad'tron was just a bit brighter, then they would be awesome. The 6228 because of it's increased sustain, etc. it is a nice platform for rock, etc. fyi: even though the 6228 P.E. is closer to a Les Paul in body/ neck break, etc, it sounds nothing like a Les Paul, it's still a fairly "Gretschy" sounding guitar.

The Ranger really does liven up the Broad'trons and the controlled feedback I can get from it with the Ranger is really good (the Broad'trons in tandem make for a really heavy and powerful sound with dirt, with less a midrange focus than Classics - more high and low-end). The Ranger makes the De'Armonds sound a bit thin unless it is set to Low-Mid or mid boost.


Fulltone Ranger = Chick’n Pick’n machine.


Fulltone Ranger = Chick’n Pick’n machine.

– BirdsNBats

LOL. So far, you are the only one on the internet who came to that conclusion! I'm looking for a midboost, ala Brian May (and that sound IS in there, by design)... and all the other settings I figure would be good for different guitar/amp pairings.


Well, it’s true!

I can cop instant Neil Young tones with my 6228 Players Ed. Jet (Broad’trons) and the Ranger set at Low-mid Boost. It’s pretty epic.

The chicken-picken is there too, in spades.


I just want to make it clear it’s not a true treble booster in the traditional sense. It’s really it’s own animal. Same basic sound but a bit more polished.

I love treble boosters because they don’t sound nasally (like a fuzz) or too smooth (like overdrive or distortion). They maintain the sound of the guitar and cut really deep. This is the same way but doesn’t have “as much” of the same fuzzy weird artifacts I normally associate with a treble booster, it’s definitely as nice but a bit more tame if that makes sense. (Quieter too, but tons of volume on tap. Unity is like 9-10:00) crank it and it gets really mean in a good way.


So you're still struggling to get a sound overdriven with Filter'trons, Ruger? Right now I am soooo happy with the overdriven sounds I get with the VS '59 Jet which has it's stock TV Classics. I can get almost single coil twang from the wound strings and fat trebles - i'm in love with this guitar! I can get early RHH sounds, almost Dave Gilmour Stratty bridge pickups sounds, Malcolm Young crunch sounds, and my own twangy slightly dirty surf guitar kinda sounds.

My amp is fairly mid-rangey, being a tweed Super circuit with EL34s and a Celestion Gold 12" speaker but the cleans are pristine and beautiful. What I like most of all though it to run a Rockett Caliber 45 OD pedal with gain at noon which gives me an almost clean sound - definitely clean if I don't dig in. It makes for a very expressive neck pickup tone. Then for the early RHH sounds I push the gain to 1.00 or 1.30 and it's glorious. I built myself a 2-in-1 OD pedal so I can switch between more gain and low end to less gain and low-end and it's one of the best setups i've ever had.

What sort of sound are you chasing? I'd love to help you get there if I can!



It's the mid scoop on the Filters. I hate it. I don't think mid scoop sounds good with gain, which is also why I likely like brownface or tweed amps better than blackface. My current amps do not lack for mids, but it's just not the same thing when you start with a pickup as scooped as a Filter. I just put T-Armonds in the Cabronita, and even they have more mids than Filters do. And STILL don't have the mids my tele pickups do! (slightly overwound, I guess you could call them "vintage hot")

I actually like the T-As so much, I'm thinking of putting them in my Hot Rod, which I've never been happy with. If I could get Brian Setzers tone with the Filters.... which I have never been able to do for YEARS.... and do it easily, without buying a 6G6B, Space Echo, and 2x12 with V30s.... that would be awesome. But I have never been able to achieve it... it seems to be a very particular formula. And I've have Tavo's Brain preamp + Boss RE-20 + a Fender amp with a V30 in it.... but it's just not the same thing. The impedance mismatch with the RE-301 and super-long cord brian uses must create some kind of magic that can only be created THAT WAY.

You have to keep in mind that I have never gone for "That Great Gretsch Sound", which I understand to be super bright and jangly. I actually hate that sound. Brian doesn't get it, even when he plays cleaner stuff like "Sleepwalk". Paul Pigat DOES get it, and it sounds glorious, but without a good DRIVE tone, the guitar (pickups) is no good to me. I didn't buy a Gretsch to play it clean.


Ruger9, have you tried playing thru a Vox AC10?

Mine has a Greenback speaker and it’s sounds glorious overdriven!

Sounds amazing with Filtertrons.


Ruger9, have you tried playing thru a Vox AC10?

Mine has a Greenback speaker and it’s sounds glorious overdriven!

Sounds amazing with Filtertrons.

– Hipbone

I had a greenback in a Princeton once, loved it. I'm looking to pick up a Swart AST sooner rather than later, and it's more "brown" than the blackface Fenders. It's no surprise Setzer liked blondes with V30s as opposed to blackfaces with jensens.

I have just been sitting playing through my new PR (which has the 12" alnico cream in it) with the Hot Rod, and honestly... the Filters are just to damned bright and piercing.... perfect if you're going for the Chet-style fingerpicking stuff, but I never do that. I play rock and blues (and on the Gretsch lean more towards jump blues and swing)... and the straight Filters are just too anemic. I much prefer the tone switch in the "less" position, which gives it Gibson-humbucker-like tone, or even in the "mud" position, which mimics a T-Bone Walker tone kinda' well.

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