EHX: The most pedals - and most charismatic leader - in the business?


I don't experience an abundance of white noise either.

No, you won't. The noise issues (on all EHX stuff I have experience with) have been resolved, probably starting with 90s reissues - but certainly in pedals from this century.

– Proteus

Ironically, speaking of noise, my EHX Hum Debugger pedal has been a game changer for me. I was ready to swear off single coil pu's because of my 60 Cycle Hum infested basement, but the Hum Debugger did such an effective job of ridding that hum that I'm pretty much a single coil guy these days. I know a lot of folks don't care for the Hum Debugger as they find it effects their tone but I'm fine with it and learned to compensate with some eq tweaks. Strangely enough, I actually use it with my only humbucker guitar, Gretsch 6116 PTV as a tone conditioner as I like how it adds some nice presence to the TVJ Powertrons adding a bit more Filter jangle. Go figure.

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