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Sure there's ebay etc but what do you dudes say is a good price for a

Dano 12, 2 pickup, black, prob early 2000s.

Korean Epiphone Joe Pass, blond

These are both clean pieces.

thanks, DCB


Dunno 'bout the Dano, but the Epi should be 'bout $400. Listening to Joe solo right now -- Blues Dues -- live at Long Beach Community College, January 20,1984.


I think that $400 for either would be about the going rate, but both are nicer guitars than that price would indicate. My 2000's Mod 12 sold for $375 a few years back.


I bought my early red 2000's MIK Dano 59 12 off ebay (used) for $290 in 2014. Very good shape. Still have it and it is a nice 12 string.

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