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You Know You’re A GASoholic When…


...guitar stores call you not just when they have a guitar they think you'd like, but when they have guitar PARTS they think you'd like. Such was the case yesterday when P3, my "enabler" from TrueTone, emailed me a picture of a Chandler Tele neck, orange, of course, and asked if I was interested.

Well of course I was interested, it was orange, fer cryin' out loud. But what to attach it to? No spare Tele bodies in my parts bin (a.k.a., "my garage"), so what to do with this thing? I've got more than enough standard-config Teles, but not a Cabronita. Because I can't afford a Cabronita. So I considered building a "Cabro-cheapa." I have a pair of GFS Nashvilles with nowhere to go, hmmm, this could work. Double-hummer Tele bodies should be easily had, but the big question is, what color? All-orange would be nice, but I'll never match the orange on the neck closely enough to not look like ca-ca, so maybe a nice contrasting color like white. But which white? Arctic White, Mary Kaye White, Clarence White (just kidding), Vintage Cream? Does anybody out there who has a better sense of color than I possess have a recommendation?


You could go for black and make it a Halloween theme. !#$@%

Sounds like a cool project. A Cabronita copy is on my list of things to do for sure. Keep us posted!


Just try not to become a GASshole. That neck could lead to one dang sexy guitar. . .


I've always wanted one of those 80's bright red finished DiMarzio necks, or complete guitar.

Even the fingerboards were red 8-)


i was certain this thread would have another Talman involved.

how about gold and sparkly? with gold hardware?

or for a Blue Collar Comedy theme, you could go with Ron White. "they call it...Tuner Salad."


Send the neck to Curt and I'll bet he can get you a 100% color match.



I have the body that neck should attach to. Here's my partscaster tele with a spruce topped, chambered body:

Is this neck the 10 to 16 compound radius? I had a complete Chandler tele a while back with that neck, and it was a very nice one. MD


Go into a photoshop program & find out what color is the opposite. Green Maybe?


I should have know this. I did it & what came up was my favorite racecar combo from the 60's & 70's


A creamy white would look good, kind of a Dreamsicle deal.


Whoa, mad dog, nice Tele, I think a neck this orange on a body that orange might be too much orange, even by my standards. Compound radius? Hey, that'll be cool, didn't even think about that.

Macphisto, that's never a bad guess with me, though I've got that other one in the uber-mod pipeline right now.

Bear, I agree, Curt could match anything, but recall that this is going to be a "CabroCheapa" so I'll be spraying this myself.

And Big_Burly, you beat me to it, I'm thinking ReRanch Vintage Cream is going to look really nice on that body...oh wait, I don't have one yet. HH Tele bodies on feebay aren't much different in price from a new swamp ash unit from Warmoth. So this may take a while.


"this is going to be a 'CabroCheapa'"

PLEASE call it a "CheapoCabra".


Then I'd need to put goat pictures or something on it. But if it's any consolation, that name crossed my mind briefly, too.


I know that some of you are helpless when it comes to gear so I have been keeping my "enthusiasm" out of the way so as not to become an "enabler" here. Lol but I can't hold on any longer.

It's this! Rotosphere

I want this so bad, my friend wants one now too. So tomorrow I'm going to go and buy it. There I said it and now it's posted so I have to go and do it now. I promise to post some pictures of it. Ha! Now there is no backing out of it. I have to buy it now or else. Fine.

I've looked at the Strymon Lex and compared the two and they are quite close, but I think the G&K has the edge. Besides, David Gilmour likes them.

Ok be that way. Fine I'll go get it tomorrow and that will be that. Good I hope you and your pedal will be happy. We will and it will be like our birthdays, and Christmas on the same day with two parties and free beer. Nah.

Only ten and a half hours til the store opens. Jerks.


it would look interesting on a cigar box.....(bo diddley) im just sayin


This sounds sooooo good! I love it when you get something and have these expectations of it and when you plug it in, it's just what you wanted and a little more.

A pretty big pedal though. I am trying to figure out how to arrange my pedal layout.

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