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There’s been a lot of coverage regarding the Rev Star range from Yamaha especially the 503model, I’m interested if anyone has tried the, has one and what’s the opinions. The neck is described as medium c shape similar to Gibsons and flat fingerboard radius 12 Inch I think. I’ve been interested in the 503 which has P90 type pickups like the simplicity and overall value, Indonesian made , there is a high end Japanese model.


My opinion an anything made by Yamaha is always good. I've never seen anything terrible coming from them. Do you have a chance to actually play one?


I agree with Dave. My only complaint about Yamahas is more of a personal preference thing - electric or acoustic, they make great guitars, but all too often their necks are on the thin side.


You gotta hand it to a company that can get Carlos Santana and Giacomo Agostini using their stuff.

You can play rock and roll on a Yamaha, you can play Chopin on a Yamaha, you can play at the edges of certain death on a Yamaha, you can go fishing with a Yamaha.... the only think you can’t do on a Yamaha is not have fun!


YZ80. Scary fast for a small dirt bike. I worked at a Yamaha MC dealer when I was a kid, and got my kids riding early.

Guitar wise - acoustics and classicals have always been good. Sometimes great.


I've been gassing for the P90 loaded model for some time.


I had Yamaha drums and I have a Yamaha acoustic guitar. Both make me want to try their Thermoelectric Generator.

– BuddyHollywood

I spent over 30 years in Thermoelectric research, design and manufacturing. Amazing stuff.


I just never seem to get completely simpatico with Yamaha anything. Possible exception was my CP-30 electric piano, circa 1979, which I liked (for what it was) - but had no hesitation about offloading to help fund a sampling keyboard.

Oh, and the SPX-90, maybe the first affordable digital rack reverb, which not only had by far the best reverb sound you could get for that money in the mid-80s, but which built in enough personality that it's still appreciated. I still have mine. The Rev 500 I bought about 15 years ago didn't satisfy.

For a short time I had a fairly high-end Yamaha studio mixer. I could never figure out its bus topology. The architecture felt hopelessly alien to my Peavey/Carvin-conditioned instincts. Off it went.

I never even cared for their ubiquitous (and apparently industrial-strength) acoustic guitars. They didn't feel good, and I hated the headstock.

None of these failures to bond are Yamaha's fault. Their quality is always, so far as I know, impeccable, and while they're rarely the least expensive option, I'll grant that value for the dollar is high.

When it comes to the electric guitars...there's just something about their aesthetic that leaves me feeling meh. I like the idea of the Revstars, the apparent and undoubted commitment to detail and quality, the kinda stripped-down spec, the satin finishes and the brushed hardware. (Though not that shop-class block tailpiece, what are they thinking.)

Just can't abide the shape, which is where Yamaha electric guitars always fail me. In this case the shallow cutaways and sharpish horns (a Yamaha design trend of long standing) just don't work. For me. I'm sure it's my problem.

Which is good; I'm immune to their temptation. I don't need more gear to tempt me.

(Oh yeah. Forgot my low-end Yammer fretless bass, bought used as a target of opportunity and not because I knew I was looking for a fretless bass, which I wasn't. Its shape and proportion are just fine, and it's perfectly functional.)

And anyone want to gift me their Yamaha grand piano, I'll clear out my living room for it.


I spent over 30 years in Thermoelectric research, design and manufacturing. Amazing stuff.

– NJBob

Wow! I just picked this random Yamaha piece of tech because it had nothing to do with musical instruments. Now I'm really glad I did!


I've had Yamaha amps, guitars, motorcycles, and pianos. Never once had a complaint about any of them.

I've only played around with a revstar in guitar center, it seemed like a decent Yamaha, which means quality and bang for the buck. I don't remember which model or country where manufactured.

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