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Wine thread


Some really beautiful guitars! You've, obviously, got very good taste. If I may, you've inspired me to pop the cork on my Epiphone Riviera P93.


Wish they made it with two pickups and nickel hardware. But that would be very similar to the ES 330, though I am pretty sure the necks join at a different fret.


I think you may have a wine problem.

Gordon Smith Graf Deluxe

– Mr Tubs

More a funding problem...

But were I a touring musician with lots of money, a stable of wine red guitars might be my thing. On the other hand, I have to admit, my go-to guitar these days is a sunburst. Of course, it's my 1940 Epiphone Triumph, and they weren't made in wine. And it's a beautiful looking and sounding guitar in its own right. But what is a fanatic without some inconsistent apostasy?


Here's my candidate for membership in the 'wine' club......along with his wine tolex buddy Exec behind him.

My wine Gibson Country Gent keeps them company.


My 20th Annie Jack Bass...a tasty shade of Burgundy!


My 2008 5120 is Deep Cherry. My 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee is almost exactly the same color. Guess that makes my 5120 "Jeep Cherry"...


I'm waiting for the Champaigne!


Buncha winey winers.


My 64 Tennesseean. Its friday so she has a glass of wine too


Don't forget Chet's other G brand guitar.


I sense a trend going on here, Strummerson.

I can't say that I see a problem with it. The only thing missing is a Special Jet.


I owned this cherry/wine ES295 years ago


I liked this Gibson DE.


Don't forget Chet's other G brand guitar.

– giffenf

While there were a few slightly different versions of this fine guitar throughout its lifetime, this one is identical to the one I mentioned in my post. I'm assuming this guitar has the same lovely flame in the wood or tortoise but the photo just doesn't show it.


And there was Ellen's lovely refinned 54 Club.


In the 60's, Gibson produced small numbers of instruments in a color they called "sparkling burgundy" (metallic). Don't drink too much!

Also, on a spruce top (as opposed to maple), cherry red shows darker, more wine-like. I LIKE!!


These are lovely. Would be even lovlier if they were a shade darker.


Burgundy Super 400.


Ed's Jet and Streamliner.


I wish that Guitar Center/Musician's Friend would reissue this Pro Jet:


This 6120 has gold hardware but it is still a thing of beauty:

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