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The non-alcoholic kind.

I have my Rose, dynified with T-Armonds. Just the straight up 6119 model. I like the color and the larger f-holes on the SP model a bit better. And I actually prefer unbound fretboards. But I also prefer the longer scale. But the Roses are some of the only wine red/dark cherry guitars with nickel hardware. Most come with gold and I prefer dulled nickel.


My dream jet is dark red (not firebird) with dynas and an ebony board with neo-classic thumbnails. Like this one:


The Epiphone Century is a beauty. And they sound and play amazing (haven't played the re-issues though).


Second pickup and a bigsby makes it even better, though there is a charm to single pickup guitars.


Guild Starfie III with Dearmonds (I like the black faces better, but that's an easy fix).


The HB-1s are great too. Maybe my favorite humbucker. Though I would probably fall in love with the Setzer Sig Filters if I tried 'em:


The majestic ES-330. Casinos are nice too. But I'd take the Gibson. The casino neck joint is about two frets lower. And, also, Grant Green.


Melody makers and single cut LPJs do it for me as well:


This Les Paul is gorgeous (though I'd ditch the pickguard and maybe put in staples with black covers. The cream covered P90s are nice as well though:


This one requires nickel hardware:


The gold tailpiece could stay on this 1960s Super 400


Though the color is more associated with Gibsons, it looks good on Fenders as well.


The new jaguar stratocaster is a bit frankensteinian, but I dig it:


The german carved 381 is especially tasty in wine:


This Reverend Pete Anderson in redburst is gorgeous. Wish they made the P90 version in this color. On the other hand, switch out these retro-trons to open faced TK Smith CARs...


The VOX Virage also does it for me. The pickups are hyper-versatile with tons of good tone. Wish I could abide that bridge...


Turner Model T is cool, but not for palm-muting:


Plenty of others out there, but these are the ones I would want to own with minor modifications. Were I to go custom, I'd love a single cut TK Special in this color, if he'd do it. Also a Billy Bo. A CS Club would be phenominal in wine.

Oh, I almost forgot this one, but with nickel hardware:


I think you may have a wine problem.

Gordon Smith Graf Deluxe

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