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wider Gibson style bridge?


Well this crazed thing with a 1 14/16 wide Warmoth neck is coming along... stuff I bought off a guy in Pittburgh, -- sort an unfinished project.

Thing is the Gibson style bridge (ABR?) is of course for normal Gibson 1 11/16th..so the string spacing isn't optimal. Wondered if there were any wider bridges or expandable type things.

Demented Projects are always like this


Space Control?


I was gonna suggest this, too. I’m sure there are many of them in parts drawers around here. Oddly, not mine.


Find a bridge from a Gibson Gent....the neck is 1.75" at the nut.


perhaps one of the Gibson/Ibanez-style "harmonica bridges" would work?


The bridge is at the other end of the strings from the nut. 1 11/16th is the nut width, not the bridge width.

How much do the strings splay? If they are too wide at the bridge end then they'll be too wide for the pickups too, not just the bridge.

I think you'll be fine. FWIW a Gibson harmonica bridge will be longer but not wider if you look at the dimensions the way the strings run. An ABR-1 can be found with un-notched saddles so if the strings do need a little wider spacing at the bridge you will have room. If the strings go too wide for the bridge then you're in trouble - you'll need some pedal-steel pickups.

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