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Why do I want to buy a cheap guitar?


Ok, you jackweeds just talked me into pulling the trigger on an Epi ES Le Paul for $399. I should have it late this week.

– NJBob

Happy to help.


Bolt-on or glued-in neck on the Hamer, Dave?

Either way, yessir you got a good deal on that one.


Set neck, Tim. It's a bit on the heavy side -- OK for one set, but then my old back and shoulders demand that I use something lighter for the rest of the night. This might be another XT Hamer (the £130 'junior') which weighs next to nothing compared with the gold top. The stock dog eared pickup on this guitar sounds absolutely great -- no upgrade needed here.


This is what I just bought.


Yep, NJBob, that one caught my eye, too. With a Bigsby, it could make me an LP-kinda guy. Maybe.


Yep, NJBob, that one caught my eye, too. With a Bigsby, it could make me an LP-kinda guy. Maybe.

– giffenf

Frank, the one I bought has a funky whammy on it. I can’t find the photo because they killed it when it sold.

UPDATE: GC cancelled my order. They said it was sold in the store and hadn't been taken off the website.


Update: Removed the dead strings 10-46 that were full of everyone else’s DNA. Polished the frets, installed a set of EXL 115 (11-49) and set the guitar up properly. The guitar really came to life. Very enjoyable to play and has a nice, full sound. Tremendous guitar for the $$ and nice looking as well. Now I just have to be content with this and not GAS for a Gibson ES.


GC cancelled my order. They said it was sold in the store and hadn't been taken off the website.

You want we should go whack'em? You ain't Joisy Bob for nothin' y'know.


ooh, i hadn't seen the Wildkat-format Epi with the Firebird PUs before. that could go right on my list...i really liked the build of my old Wildkat but those uber-hot P90s were a non-starter. the ones on the Tokai in my avatar photo are way better. IIRC Epiphone listed the Wildkat PU as being like 11k, which is utterly insane.


Sounds, and looks like you got a very nice and affordable guitar, Zigracer, a real "Bobby Dazzler"! (new GDP buzz word)

As for cheap guitars, I used to buy them, but I only ended up keeping a couple of them. Not because there was anything wrong with them, but because they seldom got played. I placed the majority of them (as gifts) into the hands of nephews and sons of close friends, and always to where a decent guitar was financially out of reach.

The two I kept are both acoustics, an Epiphone PR-715 - mahogany/spruce bought new in 1985,and a Seagull M6 Cutaway - cherry/spruce bought new in 2014. Neither of them were very expensive, when I bought them, but they are solid wood and have aged into something wonderful, especially the Epiphone, since it's now 35 years old. The Seagull is coming along nicely as well.

The reason I gave away all the inexpensive electric guitars that I've owned, is because that as I've grown older older, three or four hundred dollars doesn't negatively impact my lifestyle. It can be an insurmountable sum for a young musician, struggling to just pay the bills. Those guitars that I seldom played, were elivated to stardom, and (for the most part) they were obsessed over and were the catalyst in bringing a new guitar player into the fold.


You're an honorable man, Wade.


If it helps, you can get on any of the websites (Sweetwater, MF, etc...) once in awhile and browse their special deal section with demos, returns, blems, etc... You can find sweet deals that are difficult to pass up. That's how I got my Epi Riviera P-93 for mega-cheap; it had a cosmetic blem issue.


Sorry you missed that guitar NJBob, looked like a good deal.

Zig, congrat-zas on the axe's coming alive!

I think cheap can be deservedly great or horrible — I'm 'so far so good' with a CV Tele — a $250 deal — and a Bass VI, at I wanna say $350. But I always end up playing good guitars over cheap guitars. That usually pushes the mark up to around $500-$700 for me.

All that said, you can do a lot with a good Yamaha acoustic for under $300.


Update: Having thought this over for a few days, I decided that I already have a couple of higher end "cool" guitars that are case queens and I don't need another. Someone else can benefit from the setup and fret polishing I gave the Epi ES, so back to GC it went. I am going to unload the two that I don't play and get either a Gibson ES or possibly a Broadkaster 6609. I'm leaning toward the Gibson, however, as the Full'Trons might have just a little too much growl for what I'm looking for.

This will work out. I'll be down two guitars net, thus increasing the possibility that everything gets played. Of course the rules are subject to change.


Oh well, easy come, easy go at GC. I have done this many times. Good thread, though. Thanks for that.


Scored this sombeetch last night on Reverb last night. Guitar + shipping and a gig bag is $495. It has a scratch on the side and is 7 months old. I haven’t purchased a guitar in 7 years so I’m a happy dude.


That looks really nice. I like the smaller headstocks on the Epi Les Pauls, versus the headstocks on their other guitars.


I needed a guitar to play while I’m visiting my son in Australia, and found this on Gumtree (think Craigslist).

It’s a Sigma 000M 1ST, an obvious Martin copy, except that the company was founded by Martin in 1970 as a budget line, but subsequently acquired by AMI who continue to make guitars the same way (in China). In this case that means solid spruce top, mahogany back and sides, rosewood board, Grover style tuners, proper bracing – stunning value at 150 Aussie dollars ($99 US, £75 GB pounds). They retail at under 500 AUD new, which is cheap as it plays really well with a bright, long sustain not a million miles away from my D28. Action needs work, but I’m amazed.

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